#ComicBytes: Check out these fantastic stories about Nightwing

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#ComicBytes: Check out these fantastic stories about Nightwing
#ComicBytes: Check out these fantastic stories about Nightwing

24 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Check out these fantastic stories about Nightwing

Dick Grayson is a highly popular character among DC fans.

From being an orphaned kid, Grayson went on to become Bruce Wayne's first adopted son and the first-ever Robin.

Afterward, he stepped out of Batman's shadow to become the iconic Nightwing.

Even his run as the Dark Knight was quite fantastic.

Discover the best moments of this superhero's life.

Year One: 'Robin: Year One' is about Grayson's first year as Robin

Robin: Year One explores Grayson's first year as Robin, Batman's costumed crime-fighting partner.

This plot has a lot going on.

Here, Mad Hatter is running a sex slavery racket, Robin and Two-Face nearly kill each other, and Grayson briefly joins the League of Assassins.

But the best part of this story is the impact of Grayson's presence in Bruce's dark and brooding world.

Judas Contract: Grayson becomes Nightwing in 'The Judas Contract'

The Judas Contract is easily the best Teen Titans story.

However, its popularity comes from the fact that this chronicles Grayson's first appearance as Nightwing.

To summarize the plot, Deathstroke infiltrates the team via Terra and slowly incapacitates every Titan to deliver them to HIVE HQ.

As Grayson remains the last man standing, he saves the day as Nightwing.

Blüdhaven: 'A Knight in Blüdhaven' is one of Nightwing's first missions

A Knight in Blüdhaven is a crucial story for understanding Grayson's initial life as the solo superhero, Nightwing.

Here, Grayson goes to Blüdhaven after leaving the mantle of Robin for investigating a series of deaths.

When he arrives there, Grayson realizes that the city is even more corrupt than Gotham.

So, he decides to stay back and restore the peace in Blüdhaven.

Great Leap: 'The Great Leap' foreshadows Grayson becoming the Batman

The Great Leap shows how capable Grayson is to take on the mantle of Batman.

It was kind of a foreshadowing of what would happen just a few months after this story got published.

Here, Nightwing fights Two-Face in a violent war that nearly destroys Manhattan.

He also faces Batman's classic moral dilemma of straddling the line between justice and vengeance.

Black Mirror: 'Batman: The Black Mirror' is Grayson's best run as Batman

Batman: The Black Mirror tells the story of Grayson's continued run as Batman when Bruce Wayne was busy with Batman Incorporated.

While dealing with multiple villains at once, including the evil and psychopathic James Gordon Jr., the Dark Knight gets trapped in the deadly Mirror House.

All the metaphorical hurdles in this plot push the new Batman on a dangerous journey.

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