#ComicBytes: What is DC's Future State event all about?

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: What is DC
#ComicBytes: What is DC

10 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: What is DC's Future State event all about?

DC Future State is finally here!

This highly-anticipated sequel to the runaway hit Dark Nights: Death Metal will have a limited run from January to February.

Future State introduces many exciting characters, but given DC's mixed performance with ambitious events, fans are worried as well.

As the series has already started rolling out, here's everything you need to know before you get into it.

Issues: Future State has 24 titles set in a futuristic timeline

Future State will pause the present-day timeline of the DC Universe and spend the next two months exploring a new future.

This event has 24 titles, to be published from January to February, except for Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Lex, which will conclude in March.

As the event is set in a futuristic timeline, it will begin from the year 2025.

New heroes: Introduction of the future superheroes is the main objective

The focus of this event is to show the future of DC by getting some new stakeholders of justice.

Therefore, the series will see a new Batman in Gotham after Bruce Wayne's death.

Similarly, Jon Kent becomes the new Superman after his father is exiled to space, and a new Wonder Woman is chosen by the Gods, among the rise of other new superheroes.

Legacy: The original legendary characters will feature as well

Even in this limited futuristic run, the original characters will make their appearances, which would be their aged and hopefully-interesting versions.

For example, Wayne will take on the new identity of Dark Detective. Kal-El will be seen spending his exile fighting through the gladiatorial arenas of Warworld.

Wonder Woman will continue her days as the last surviving warrior of the Trinity.

Reboot confusion: DC Future State is not another reboot of the universe

Contrary to the popular belief, Future State is neither a reboot nor a precursor to a reboot.

Instead of repeating the mistake of the New 52 reboot (which did not sit well with many readers), Future State is a coordinated jumping point of the current continuity, which can be marketed heavily without alienating existing readers.

The continuity here is re-imagined as timelines.

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