#ComicBytes: Decoding the comic book story of Cassie Lang

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Decoding the comic book story of Cassie Lang
#ComicBytes: Decoding the comic book story of Cassie Lang

12 Mar 2021: #ComicBytes: Decoding the comic book story of Cassie Lang

Remember Scott Lang's adorable daughter Cassie from the two Ant-Man movies, who makes an appearance as a teen in Avengers: Endgame?

In the comics, she becomes a superhero, just like her father.

As she is about to get a bigger role in MCU with Kathryn Newton taking up the part in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, let's take a look at her comics history.

Ant-Man: Cassie was the reason why Scott Lang became Ant-Man

To save Cassandra or Cassie from her congenital heart defect, Scott Lang stole Hank Pym's Ant-Man equipment and used them to rescue Doctor Sondheim, the only doctor who could cure Cassie's condition.

As he eventually became Ant-Man, Cassie grew up around superheroes.

When her mother and new stepfather felt that it could be dangerous for Cassie, they got full custody of her.

Trauma: She suffered back-to-back traumatic experiences, including losing her father

As she harbored the wish to become a superhero like her father, Cassie stole Pym Particles every time she visited him.

However, things took a dramatic turn when she was kidnapped. During the resulting confrontation between the perpetrator and her father, Scott's Avengers team-mate Jack of Hearts died.

To make matter worse, Scott also died later because of an insane Scarlet Witch.

Stature: Cassie joined the Young Avengers and became 'Stature'

After her father's death, Cassie decided to leave home and join the superhero team, Runaways.

But, when she learned about the Young Avengers, she partnered up with Kate Bishop and found Iron Lad, Patriot, Hulkling, and Asgardian, the starting roster of the group.

Eventually, she joined the team permanently and took the name Stature in spite of her mother and stepfather's disapproval.

Powers: She has the ability to grow and shrink at will

All those years of stealing Pym Particles finally gave powers similar to Ant-Man to Cassie.

Basically, the particles gave her the ability to grow and shrink and alter strength and stamina in relative proportions to the transformations.

Due to repeated exposure to the Pym Particles, Cassie's physiology absorbed enough to let her change size at will, without the help of any special suit.

Marvel: Scott's daughter played an important part in Marvel's historic events

We don't know how much of Cassie's comic history we will see in the movie, so here is a quick recap.

Cassie was on Captain America's side during Civil War, fought the Skrulls during Secret Invasion, became a part of the Mighty Avengers, and resurrected her father.

After her death, she was resurrected as well.

Currently, she is working under the name, Stinger.