#ComicBytes: The disturbing origin of Robin King

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The disturbing origin of Robin King
#ComicBytes: The disturbing origin of Robin King

25 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: The disturbing origin of Robin King

After his recent debut in Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder's Dark Nights: Death Metal series, the Robin King has rightly earned the place of a supervillain in the DC Universe.

He might be one of the most demented and evil villains Batman has ever faced.

Known for his sadistic and evil nature, Robin King has an unexpected and extremely disturbing origin story.

Details: What is the 'Dark Nights: Metal' series ?

Before we get into Robin King's story, let us take a quick look at the entire series.

Dark Nights: Metal introduced twisted versions of Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse that includes The Batman Who Laughs (now known as The Darkest Knight), The Red Death, and The Dawnbreaker.

Robin King, the sidekick to The Darkest Knight, is the most horrific version of Wayne yet.

Identity: Robin King is NOT what the name suggests

The story Robin King whispers to The Darkest Knight all along has shocked the fans. Splashing waters over fan speculations, 'King of Pain' in Death Metal reveals that this Robin King isn't even a Robin.

Riley Rossmo and Peter Tomasi's latest story tells that King is a sadistic and an extremely troubled version of a young Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse.

Origin: This orphaned prince killed his own parents

While this Bruce Wayne also belongs to the wealthy Wayne family of Gotham, he has always had a dark side, which their butler Alfred could always see.

The Dark alley episode sees Wayne slashing the mugger's throat with a hidden blade. He then grabs his gun and shockingly, kills his own parents while framing the dead Joe Chill for the murders.

Partner: A horrific sidekick to 'The Batman Who Laughs'

An evil joy begins to brew inside him and is visible to Alfred who tips officer Jim Gordon about his evil act. But Wayne's dark side ends up killing Gordon and later Alfred, thus leading to the birth of The Robin King.

He has been serving The Batman Who Laughs for some time and the upcoming publications promise more revelations about his past.

Killings: Robin King has killed many superheroes in his world

Initially (before his true intentions are revealed) Bruce secretly starts collecting weapons to kill various superheroes of his world and builds a utility belt to store them.

As soon as the truth about the Wayne family deaths surfaces, heroes like Adam Strange, Balloon Buster, Enemy Ace, Firestorm, and Hawkman come after him. But he kills them all.