#ComicBytes: Five DC characters who are smarter than Iron Man

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Five DC characters who are smarter than Iron Man
#ComicBytes: Five DC characters who are smarter than Iron Man

09 Feb 2021: #ComicBytes: Five DC characters who are smarter than Iron Man

Tony Stark is considered to be one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. But how does he fare against DC characters?

DC Universe is filled with super-intelligent beings who can easily beat Iron Man when it comes to intellect.

They are not necessarily great engineers and tech experts like Tony, but the following characters are definitely smarter than Iron Man.

Brainiac 5: Brainiac 5 is DC's smartest character with 12th level intellect

Born on planet Colu, Querl Dox aka Brainiac 5 is DC's smartest being.

Compared to the average human's 6th level intelligence and average Coluan's 10th level intelligence, Brainiac 5 has 12th level intellect.

This allows him to process formulas like a computer, which helps him create advanced tech like time machines.

Therefore, he is not only smarter than Tony but can engineer things too.

Lex Luthor: Lex Luthor's experiments and innovations are groundbreaking

Lex Luthor is seen as the smartest person on Earth.

Only if he wasn't obsessed with Superman, he could have potentially been Earth's best superhero.

He not only single-handedly built a multi-billion dollar company to conduct groundbreaking experiments for advanced tech, pharmaceuticals, weapons, he also designed a super-suit to take down a powerful alien like Superman.

No offense to Iron Man, but that's dope!

Batman: Batman's detective skills give him a slight edge over Tony

Batman and Iron Man are both non-powered intelligent individuals in super-costumes.

So, their comparison is quite common.

Like Tony, Bruce Wayne is adept in subjects like Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, applied sciences, and has produced advanced technology like the Brother-Eye.

However, with his additional experience with criminology and cunning nature, Batman can be considered to be smarter than Tony on almost all occasions.

Mr. Terrific: Mr. Terrific has 14 PhDs and superior learning abilities

While Tony graduating from MIT at 17 is impressive, Michael Holt was an expert in theoretical physics at 6.

Known as the third smartest man on Earth after Lex Luthor and Batman, Mr. Terrific has 14 PhDs.

His ability to learn complicated skills quickly makes him superior to Tony.

For instance, he once operated on Alan Scott after just reading about the surgical procedure.

Ray Palmer: Ray Palmer is DC's foremost scientific explorer

Ray Palmer as Atom has shrinking abilities and intellect like Marvel's Ant-Man, Hank Pym.

Since Hank Pym is often said to be smarter than Tony, that makes Ray smarter than Iron Man.

Although he didn't invent the tech that lets him shrink, Ray is one of DC's foremost scientific explorers and has used his powers to explore the subatomic realm to make amazing discoveries.