#ComicBytes: Five times when Batman defeated The Man of Steel

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Five times when Batman defeated The Man of Steel
#ComicBytes: Five times when Batman defeated The Man of Steel

11 Feb 2021: #ComicBytes: Five times when Batman defeated The Man of Steel

The question of 'Who will win in a fight between Superman and Batman?' has divided the DC fandom for decades.

Logically, there is no way a non-powered rich guy with fancy inventions and superb fighting skills can defeat a Kryptonian with super-strength, super-speed, bulletproof skin, and eyes that can literally kill.

However, it's not impossible.

Here are the five occasions when Batman defeated Superman.

Mind Control: 'Batman: Endgame'- Used kryptonite-laced gum to break Superman's mind control

In Batman: Endgame, the Joker infected the entire Justice League with a mind-controlling toxin that made them attack Batman.

Since Batman always plans beforehand, he had a suit capable of targeting the weaknesses of every member of the League.

However, when the suit couldn't defeat the Man of Steel, Batman broke his mind-control by spitting a kryptonite-laced gum at him.

Goofy yet effective.

Manipulation: 'Batman: Hush'- Manipulated by using Lois Lane

In Batman: Hush, Poison Ivy drugged Superman to fully control his mind.

When this brainwashed Superman faces Batman, the latter punches the former with a kryptonite ring.

When that didn't work, Batman uses the ultimate weapon: Lois Lane.

As Catwoman (on the orders of Batman) pushed Lois off a roof, Superman immediately snapped out of his murderous trance to save his lady love.

Planning: 'The Dark Knight Returns'- Escaped from Superman with smart planning

In The Dark Knight Returns, a reborn Batman created political tension when he made Gotham the safest city in the world.

So, they sent the Man of Steel to take down the Dark Knight.

With the help of Robin, Green Arrow, some kryptonite, and super-strong armor, Batman won the battle against Superman and smartly escaped to train the next generation of heroes.

Gauntlets: 'The Dark Knight Strikes Back'- Tactically defeated Superman with allies

In The Dark Knight Strikes Back (the sequel to the previous entry), Batman staged a rebellion against the dictatorial rule of Lex Luthor.

However, the first step of this revolt was to defeat Superman, who was blackmailed into working for the government.

So, Batman tactically attacked Superman with the help of the remaining members of Justice League, before beating him with kryptonite-tipped gauntlets.

Alternative Universe: 'Superman: Red Son'- Successfully defeated Superman before committing suicide

Superman: Red Son showed an alternate scenario where Superman grew up in the Soviet Union and became a communist symbol.

When he faced Batman, the Soviet rebel, he was defeated by the Caped Crusader due to the effective use of sun lamps and Batarangs.

However, after Wonder Woman freed Superman, Batman committed suicide to avoid capture.

Still, Batman remained the winner of this battle.