#ComicBytes: Five worst things Professor X has ever done

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Five worst things Professor X has ever done
#ComicBytes: Five worst things Professor X has ever done

29 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: Five worst things Professor X has ever done

Professor Charles Xavier or Professor X is one of Marvel's most powerful telepaths.

Although his good intentions make him a superhero, some of his actions are pretty questionable.

Professor X has always tried to fight for the rights of his fellow mutants.

Even if he doesn't follow an extremely violent path to do so, he has done things that make him a bad superhero.

Death: Professor X faked his death to hide from alien invasion

Professor X once faked his own death. In Uncanny X-Men #42, he supposedly 'died' in the arms of Thomas Halloway, the Angel.

But in reality, Xavier used a dead changeling to trick his students into believing that he was gone.

While his students, allies, mentees, and closest friends mourned his loss, he faked his death to hide from an alien invasion.

Contingency: He created the Xavier Protocols for killing all the X-Men

Like Batman, Professor X also created a series of instructions on how to kill every single X-Men.

Although this 'Xavier Protocols' is sort of a contingency plan in case any member goes rogue, it has caused a lot of trouble.

In fact, the Xavier Protocols has fallen into the wrong hands many times endangering the lives of several mutant heroes.

Dark Phoenix: He is indirectly responsible for Jean becoming the Dark Phoenix

When Jean Grey was young, Charles put a block in her mind to restrict her from accessing the full extent of her psychic powers.

Though this was done to save Jean, during an outer space mission, the Phoenix Force entered her body and unlocked the mental block.

As her powers came rushing back instantly, Phoenix amplified these powers and almost destroyed the world.

2nd X-Men: He erased the existence of an entire X-Men team

The second team of X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus) was created to rescue the original team from Krakoa.

However, Xavier already had sent a second team for this mission.

Unfortunately, all the members of this team were killed, barring Scott Summers (Cyclops).

Instead of honoring the fallen mutants, Professor X wiped Cyclops' memory and acted like the mutants never existed.

Onslaught: He unintentionally created Onslaught, who almost destroyed the universe

During a deadly confrontation with Magneto, Xavier absorbed his negative emotions.

This broke his morality and unintentionally created a paradoxical monster known as Onslaught, who had the powers of Prof X and Magneto.

With its immense powers, Onslaught killed the Avengers and Fantastic Four and destroyed the world.

Thankfully, Franklin Richards and his incredible powers saved the Marvel Universe from ending.