#ComicBytes: Who is Gorr the God Butcher?

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Who is Gorr the God Butcher?
#ComicBytes: Who is Gorr the God Butcher?

18 Dec 2020: #ComicBytes: Who is Gorr the God Butcher?

Marvel fans around the world recently celebrated the announcement of several new projects and additions to the MCU.

However, the best revelation till now has been about the villain of Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher, who will be portrayed by Christian Bale.

As the name suggests, Gorr kills Gods.

Read ahead to know why and how he does it.

Beginning: Multiple personal tragedies lead to Gorr's loss of faith

A young Gorr grew up on an unnamed planet with a crippled leg.

Although he knew that he must pay homage to Gods to keep his family safe, he questioned his faith when both of his parents die.

Years later, when his partner Arra and their kids also perish, Gorr loses all faith in the Gods, which results in his tribe disowning him.

First Kill: A dead God's weapon binds itself to Gorr

After being shunned by his tribe, Gorr wanders around the deserts where he witnesses two Gods on the ground.

When the surviving God asks Gorr for help, he asks, "Where were you when my children were starving? Where were you when we needed our Gods?!"

Then suddenly, the dead God's weapon binds itself to Gorr that enables him to stab the injured God.

Powers: Gorr's powers originate from the All-Black the Necrosword

The weapon that binds itself to Gorr as a symbiote is the All-Black the Necrosword. In fact, all symbiotes of Marvel Comics (like Venom) descend from this weapon.

Necrosword allows for immortality, flight, regeneration, conjuring weapons, and other superhuman abilities.

Gorr uses his new-found abilities to create versions of his dead wife and son, along with his own guards called the Black Berserkers.

Thor: He eventually faces the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor

After his first kill, Gorr decides to become the God Butcher, and eventually faces the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor.

On the first encounter, he almost kills young Thor. During the second time, Thor teams with two other versions of himself from different eras to defuse his Godbomb and kill him.

On their final encounter, Thor defeats a resurrected Gorr.

End: In comics, he is living a peaceful life for now

In comics, Gorr is a mortal without his memories after the destruction of the All-Black symbiote.

He is living his life in peace with the Sky Lords of Indigarr.

Gorr has proved to be a mighty adversary for Thor and has had a huge impact on his life.

It would be interesting to see how Bale brings this character to life on-screen.