#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about the Fantastic Four, Marvel's first family

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#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about the Fantastic Four, Marvel
#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about the Fantastic Four, Marvel

23 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Interesting facts about the Fantastic Four, Marvel's first family

In the last decade, the Avengers have dominated Marvel, thanks to the highly popular cinematic universe.

They even overshadowed Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four.

But now, Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing) are coming to MCU.

While we wait for the new FF movie, here are some fantastic facts about the team.

DC: The start: How DC inspired Marvel to create Fantastic Four

According to Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, when Marvel's founder Martin Goodman discovered DC's upcoming team-up between superheroes (JLA), he asked Stan Lee to use this idea, after talking to Jack Liebowitz (head of DC Comics).

Lee didn't want a bland superhero team-up.

So, he and Jack Kirby created the Fantastic Four, a family of superheroes who fought evil alongside their own emotional crises.

Avengers: All the core members have been on the Avengers team

Every member of the Fantastic Four has been on an Avengers team at some point in their superhero career.

Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman were a constant part of the main Avengers team for a while, and the Thing was once a New Avenger.

Human Torch joined the Avengers Unity Division after the Fantastic Four were disbanded during the events of Secret Wars.

Elements: The powers of the four are based on Earth elements

The elements of Earth are an obvious inspiration behind the powers of the Fantastic Four.

Johnny Storm as Human Torch represents the element of fire.

Due to his orange rock-like exterior, Ben Grimm's Thing represents earth.

Sue Storm's Invisible Woman represents the element of air.

Mister Fantastic's ability to bend and stretch his body into fluid shapes makes Reed Richards the representative of water.

Members: Other Marvel characters have been a part of FF

We know the four core members of the Fantastic Four.

They were later joined by Reed and Sue's children, Franklin and Valeria, who are powerful superheroes as well.

However, some other characters from the Marvel Universe have also been a part of the team, including Spider-Man, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, She-Hulk, and more.

Even Doctor Doom joined them once or twice.

Death: They have all died at point or another

Each member of the Fantastic Four core team has died at one point or another.

Reed was presumed dead after a battle with Doctor Doom.

Sue was mistakenly killed by her brother Johnny before this was fixed with time travel.

Johnny was believed to be dead after facing Annihilus's army.

The Thing was killed by Reed when Ben's body was taken over by Doom.

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