#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom)

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom)
#ComicBytes: Interesting facts about Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom)

16 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: Interesting facts about Victor von Doom (Doctor Doom)

Victor von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom, is one hell of a villain.

This character is like a combination of Doctor Strange and Iron Man, but better. Unfortunately, his morals are not good, which makes him one of the greatest villains in Marvel.

So, in case Marvel decides to bring Doctor Doom onscreen, here are some basic details that you need to know.

Beginning: Victor lost his mother to the demon Mephisto

Born in Latveria, Victor von Doom lost his mother Cynthia when she called upon the demon Mephisto for power. Soon after, he lost his father, too.

As he started living with his father's best friend Boris, Victor discovered his mother's mystical books and artifacts and started learning sorcery to free her soul.

Due to his scientific acumen, he secured a scholarship in New York.

Mr. Fantastic: The rivalry between Victor and Mr. Fantastic started in US

In New York, Doom began his rivalry with another scientific prodigy, Reed Richards, the future leader of Fantastic Four: Mr. Fantastic.

Continuing his efforts to save his mother's soul, Victor invented a device to bridge the gap between dimensions, but the experiment fails, scaring his face and getting him expelled.

He blames Richards for this accident, which forms the foundation of their lifelong rivalry.

Motive: With the goal of world domination, Victor became Doctor Doom

After the accident, he traveled to Tibet. Here, he found a Tibetan village of monks who assist him in creating a suit of armor. This started the journey of Doctor Doom.

He then returned to Latveria to overthrow the leader, and started using his country's resources to work towards world domination.

His motives established him as a formidable supervillain, especially for the Fantastic Four.

Powers: Doctor Doom is a sorcerer, and a scientific genius

Because of the Roma heritage, Doctor Doom had potential mystical abilities. He eventually becomes a powerful sorcerer after learning the art from a secret order of monks in Tibet. He even traveled through time to learn lost Dark Arts.

Doctor Doom is also one of Marvel's top mortal minds. For example, he has created a functioning time machine and "Doombots", his exact mechanical replicas.