#ComicBytes: Know Renee Montoya, one of DC's prominent queer-Latina characters

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#ComicBytes: Know Renee Montoya, one of DC
#ComicBytes: Know Renee Montoya, one of DC

16 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Know Renee Montoya, one of DC's prominent queer-Latina characters

Whether she is a brilliant cop or a faceless vigilante, Renee Montoya is always protecting Gotham City.

As a Hispanic and queer character who struggles with alcoholism, she is also one of the most diverse and compelling characters in the DC Universe.

Since her appearance in Birds of Prey barely scratched the surface of her character, read ahead to know more about her journey.

Creation: She was introduced in 'Batman: The Animated Series' before comics

Introduced in Batman: The Animated Series, Renee's character was incorporated in DCU later.

Her prominence in comics grew due to writer Greg Rucka, who established Renee as one of the most prominent queer and Latina characters in DC.

Rucka was also the person who ensured that Renee got upgraded from being a supporting member of Batman's supporting cast to DC's new vigilante, the Question.

GCPD: She was an trusted ally of Commissioner Gordon in GCPD

As a uniformed Gotham City Police Department officer, Renee was part of Maggie Sawyer's elite Major Crimes Unit, a team that consisted solely of officers that Jim Gordon trusted.

Her character started to get more interesting with her complicated equation with former attorney Harvey Dent and his villainous alter-ego Two-Face.

She was probably the only one who could talk some sense into him.

Two-Face: After getting rejected by her, Two-Face almost ruined her life

Harvey fell in love with Renee, as he mistook her pity as love.

However, she didn't reciprocate his feelings because she was a closeted lesbian.

Rejected, Two-Face decided to ruin her life through a series of events, including planting drugs on Renee and outing her by releasing her photographs with girlfriend Daria.

Eventually, all these unfortunate events damaged her work and family life.

Downward spiral: Death of her partner sent her in a downward spiral

Slowly, she picked the pieces of her life and started solving Gotham's shadiest crimes with her partner Crispus Allen.

Unfortunately, while investigating their fellow corrupt officer, Jim Corrigan Jr., Allen was killed by Corrigan.

Consumed by rage, Renee nearly killed Corrigan herself.

But when she realized what she was doing, she left her job and fell into a pit of alcoholism and depression.

Question: She became the Question after Vic Sage's apparent death

Fortunately, the Question (Vic Sage) hired her to investigate Intergang.

During the course of this probe, Renee discovered Sage's terminal condition. Deeming her as the perfect candidate to take over as the faceless vigilante, Sage then took her to Nanda Parbat for training.

Although she became the Question after Sage's death, in present continuity, Sage is alive and operating as the Question alongside Renee.

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