#ComicBytes: List of best detectives in the DC Universe

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#ComicBytes: List of best detectives in the DC Universe
#ComicBytes: List of best detectives in the DC Universe

07 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: List of best detectives in the DC Universe

DC comics is full of exceptional detectives, which is quite normal since DC stands for Detective Comics.

In fact, the DC Universe is the home of the best fictional detectives of all time.

So, without further ado, meet the most brilliant detectives of DC who have used their excellent investigative skills from time to time to solve crimes and save the universe.

Batman: Batman is this universe's first and foremost detective

Batman is DC's first and foremost detective.

Bruce Wayne may not have any superpowers, but his insane investigative skills make up for it.

Blessed with phenomenal intelligence and a logical mind, he is always a step ahead of his enemies as well as allies.

Additionally, his deductive abilities are supported by the best technological resources, thanks to the Wayne family's massive fortune.

The Questions: Vic Sage and Renee Montoya as The Question(s)

Former television investigative journalist Vic Sage dons a special mask that makes him faceless to investigate his stories properly.

Although his conspiracy theories are overbearing, he is a dedicated sleuth.

When diagnosed with lung cancer, Sage trains Gotham's finest police detective Renee Montoya to become the new and improved Question.

Since the Rebirth ensured that both Questions are alive, their Noir-Esque detective journey continues.

Detective Chimp: Detective Chimp is a respected member of Justice League Dark

Bobo, the chimpanzee, gets his genius-level intellect and the ability to speak from the Fountain of Youth.

He uses these skills to become a brilliant sleuth and tactician known as Detective Chimp, who can piece together intricate hints and solve the most complicated crimes.

His expertise in situations involving demonic possessions and black magic makes him an essential part of Justice League Dark.

Constantine: Constantine is arguably the most powerful occult investigator

John Constantine is often seen as an anti-hero who is great at manipulation and is extremely lucky.

Other than this, he is an amazing occult detective.

Constantine's expertise in everything paranormal gives him an edge over other detectives, including Batman.

This niche job profile also comes from the fact that he is a sorcerer with spells that allow him to travel the mystical realms.

Tim Drake: Tim Drake is an underrated Robin with incredible detective skills

While there are better options available, this spot rightfully belongs to Tim Drake, the third Robin.

An underrated Boy Wonder who is already living in the shadow of Batman, Tim showed incredible investigative skills since a young age.

For example, he deduces the real identities of Batman and the original Robin (Dick Grayson) by simply watching a video of them in action.

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