#ComicBytes: What makes Doctor Fate DC's most powerful sorcerer?

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: What makes Doctor Fate DC
#ComicBytes: What makes Doctor Fate DC

17 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: What makes Doctor Fate DC's most powerful sorcerer?

Doctor Fate is considered to be DC's most powerful sorcerer.

Before we talk about his powers, here's a recap: The wearer of the Amulet of Anubis, the Cloak of Destiny, and the Helmet of Fate gains the powers of Nabu (a powerful magic-user of the Lords of Order) to become Doctor Fate.

Historically, whoever wields the mantle of Doctor Fate gains exceptional mythical skills.

Spells: Doctor Fate can conjure anything by using his spells

Where there is magic, there are spells. But there are really few characters who can match Doctor Fate's spellcasting skills.

Since Nabu himself spent centuries honing his mythical skills, it is obvious that his agent will have similar powers.

Using his spells which usually manifest as ancient Egyptian symbols, Doctor Fate can conjure anything. Unfortunately, he can't undo other's spells.

Telepathy: Doctor Fate's telepathy can transcend dimensions

Telepaths are not uncommon in DC. But none of them have the ability to communicate with others over vast distances like Doctor Fate.

His telepathic spells can surpass entire dimensions. Notably, once Fate established a telepathic link with superheroes from another universe.

Since this ability allows Doctor Fate to reach other areas of the Multiverse, he can easily find and control his enemies.

Teleportation: Doctor Fate is capable of trans-dimensional travel

Doctor Fate's spells can make him invisible, help him to project force field, and let him do a lot of other cool stuff. But none of them is cooler than his teleportation spell.

Using this he can open trans-dimensional portals and teleport through them. Basically, he can appear anywhere he wishes at any time. He can also transport others away.

Fights: He has fought against many superior beings including the Spectre

Doctor Fate regularly fights and defeats characters who are much stronger than him.

For example, he has defeated the Lord of Chaos Mordru, a powerful entity who existed before the universe began and is destined to survive its end.

He has even fought DC's most powerful entity, the Spectre, who is literally the instrument of Gods' Vengeance and Divine Wrath.