#ComicBytes: Meet DC's latest Batman, Tim Fox

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#ComicBytes: Meet DC
#ComicBytes: Meet DC

28 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Meet DC's latest Batman, Tim Fox

DC's ongoing Future State event is based on a futuristic time where all the popular characters are either dead or have relinquished their previous titles. But what happens to Batman?

While the apparently dead Bruce Wayne starts operating secretly as the Dark Detective, his iconic cowl is taken up by the relatively unknown Tim Fox.

So, who is this new Dark Knight?

Family: Son of Lucius Fox and brother of a former Batwing

Timothy or Tim Fox didn't have a substantial role in DC until now.

However, since he is the son of Bruce Wayne's close aide Lucius Fox and brother of Luke Fox, a well-known former Batwing, his existence was relevant.

While growing up, Tim resented Bruce for overworking his father, and Lucius for agreeing to it. This strained his relationship with Lucius.

League of Assassins: He unintentionally started working for the League of Assassins

Acting out due to his resentment, Tim once joined a street gang to work for Gregorian Falstaff, who was secretly a League of Assassins member, working to strip Bruce of all his wealth.

After seeing doctored evidence of Bruce being a slumlord, Tim agreed to plant a bomb at Wayne Enterprises headquarters. Before he could do that, he was caught by Batman and Robin.

DC Universe: He couldn't become a prominent character in the DC Universe

After getting a good scolding from Batman and realizing Falstaff's true intentions, Tim was back on track. But, as the writers couldn't do much with this character, he slowly disappeared from the comics.

In the Post-Crisis DC Universe, even though he was largely eclipsed by his heroic brother Luke, the aftermath of Joker War confirmed that Tim still existed in the current timeline.

Batman: 'Future State' made him DC's first Black Batman

When the rumors of a Black Batman were emerging, fans thought it was going to be Luke Fox. But, the creators surprised everyone with Tim.

Since there is not much information about this character, this can go either really well or really bad.

Luckily, the plot (and the new Batsuit) till now seems great because it's not a mindless reboot of Bruce Wayne's story.

New Gotham: Tim's Batman has to protect a whole new Gotham

Bruce Wayne and the other Batmen fought crime to protect Gotham. But Tim Fox has the opposite challenge.

In the future, where Gotham turns into a dystopian police state, Tim's Batman has to fight the Magistrate, an oppressive regime that rules the city with an iron fist.

To liberate the city, Tim will now have to team up with criminals and defeat the Magistrate.

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