#ComicBytes: Meet Moon Girl, the smartest character in Marvel Universe

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Meet Moon Girl, the smartest character in Marvel Universe
#ComicBytes: Meet Moon Girl, the smartest character in Marvel Universe

30 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Meet Moon Girl, the smartest character in Marvel Universe

When Marvel Comics revamped Devil Dinosaur, the classic 1978 comic, they replaced the main character Moon Boy with Moon Girl aka Lunella Lafayette.

In the beginning, many readers felt that Marvel was forcing the diversity factor by retconning the character as a black girl, but she managed to impress many.

With her animated series releasing this year, here's the story of Marvel's smartest superhero.

Beginning: Lunella Lafayette aka Moon Girl, the nine-year-old inventor and dreamer

Lunella, a nine-year-old inventor, is nicknamed Moon Girl by her classmates because she is always dreaming.

Truth be told, she just gets just bored with her classes.

Her obsessive interest in the Kree leads her to a Kree Omni-Wave Projector.

When her teacher accidentally activates it, a portal brings the primitive Killer Folk and a 20-feet-tall red Devil Dinosaur from an alternate Earth.

Devil Dinosaur: When she meets Devil Dinosaur, her most trusted ally

While Devil Dinosaur comes to Earth to take revenge on the Killer Folk for killing Moon Boy, he forms an instant bond with Moon Girl.

After Lunella tells DD that she is a NuHuman and is terrified of undergoing Terrigenesis, she gets captured by the Killer Folk.

Devil Dinosaur not only rescues her but also takes care of her when she eventually undergoes Terrigenesis.

Superpower: She has the ability to switch consciousness with a dinosaur

Since Terrigenesis gives specific powers to people with the Inhuman DNA, Lunella gets the ability to switch consciousness with a dinosaur.

Although this power is triggered due to stress or during a full moon, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur become a superhero duo, much to her parents' dismay.

This ability, however, is almost nothing compared to her brilliant mind and genius inventions.

Intelligence: Only character to have solved the Banner Brain Omnicompetence Examiner

Because she is untrained, strength-wise, Lunella is not powerful, which is not a problem since she has Devil Dinosaur to compensate.

But what makes her an exceptional character is her remarkable intelligence.

Apart from being a genius inventor and a skilled hacker, she is the smartest person in the world, as she is the only character who has solved the Banner Brain Omnicompetence Examiner.

Marvel: Had fought Hydra, she has a lot of untapped potential

She might be little but Moon Girl is important in the Marvel Universe.

For instance, Lunella fought Hydra alongside Ms. Marvel, Inferno, Karnak, and Daisy Johnson (Quake) after joining the Inhuman team of Secret Warriors.

Although she is often seen trying to prove her worth to the older superheroes, her potential to become a great superhero should be utilized by Marvel immediately.

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