#ComicBytes: Meet the smartest superheroes in Marvel Universe

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#ComicBytes: Meet the smartest superheroes in Marvel Universe
#ComicBytes: Meet the smartest superheroes in Marvel Universe

06 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Meet the smartest superheroes in Marvel Universe

Since physical powers are perceived as the best traits of superheroes, intelligence often gets overlooked.

However, when it is about holding the reins of big cosmic events in Marvel, it all comes down to the smartest characters of the universe.

Whether it is the good side or the bad, both require genius-level intellect, which is provided by the following characters.

Smartest: Lunella Lafayette or Moon Girl is a Human-Inhuman hybrid

According to Marvel, Lunella Lafayette or Moon Girl is the smartest character in the universe.

A Human-Inhuman hybrid with a telepathic bond to Devil Dinosaur, Lunella is usually seen fighting crime and inventing gadgets.

This child's outstanding intellect came to light when she solved a Banner B.O.X, or Brain Omnicompetence Examiner, which was created by Bruce Banner to test intelligence and is almost unsolvable.

Father-Daughter: Reed Richards and his daughter Valeria have incredible minds

Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, is known for his 'stretchy' superpowers and incredible mind.

His mastery in all sciences like electrical, mechanical, aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, physics, and biology allows him to invent and plan according to the situation.

Since Valeria is said to have surpassed Reed's intellect, we will consider her to be the co-holder of this rank.

Genius: Tony Stark is best tech genius; his armor stands testimony

As Iron Man, Tony Stark is one of the founders of the Avengers and has tackled countless villains in his superhero career.

Even without the armor, he can't be taken lightly because he is one of the Marvel geniuses.

From making the first-ever iron suit to pioneering ground-breaking technology and creating an AI version of himself, Stark is clearly Marvel's foremost tech genius.

Scientist: Bruce Banner is the world's most brilliant nuclear scientist

When he is not hulking out, Bruce Banner is a super-genius.

An expert in nuclear physics and radiation-based mutation, Banner is capable of extraordinary intellectual feats.

For example, he successfully reconfigured an advanced computer system, which was intended to be used to rule the world, in no time.

Even Stark believes that Banner is the most brilliant nuclear scientist in the world.

Polymath: Dr. Hank Pym discovered the Pym Particles and created Ultron

Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym's scientific achievements are not always great. After all, he created the Ultron.

But that doesn't take away the fact that this entomologist, biochemist, engineer, and physicist is one of the smartest humans on Earth.

He not only discovered the Pym Particles but also utilized them to build a suit to become the original Ant-Man and start the Avengers.

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