#ComicBytes: Meet the Spectre, one of DC's most powerful entities

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Meet the Spectre, one of DC
#ComicBytes: Meet the Spectre, one of DC

20 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: Meet the Spectre, one of DC's most powerful entities

The Spectre, arguably the most powerful superhero in the DC Universe, is the physical embodiment of God's vengeance on Earth.

Permanently bonded to a human soul, this cosmic entity uses his incredible powers to punish the wicked by ending their lives in creative and ironic ways.

Read ahead to discover the Spectre's divine origins, his deeds, various hosts, and powers.

Origin: Aztar's transformation from an angel to God's divine wrath

When Lucifer Morningstar rebels against the Presence (DC's version of God), several angels join him. Unfortunately, they lose their battle and are cast down to Hell as demons.

When Aztar (one of these fallen angels) begs for forgiveness, the Presence turns him into Spectre, a vessel for carrying out his Divine Wrath.

Before Spectre, Eclipso was the spirit of God's wrath who turned evil.

Deeds: The Spectre is responsible for many historic events

The Spectre is responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the ten plagues of Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, and tumbling the walls of Jericho.

But his vengeful career pauses when he is cast into limbo until Jesus' crucifixion.

When he rises again, Archangel Michael informs the entity that he must be bound with a human soul to walk on the Earth again.

Hosts: Detective Jim Corrigan is the Spectre's most prominent host

During the Golden Age, Detective Jim Corrigan calls for vengeance before he dies. Hearing this call, the Spectre inhabits Corrigan to carry out his revenge.

As Spectre, Corrigan becomes the founding member of JSA. His popularity also establishes him as the Spectre in the New 52 timeline.

Some previous hosts of the Spectre are Madame Xanadu, Crispus Allen, and Green Lantern himself- Hal Jordan.

Powers: What makes him DC's most powerful being after the Presence?

Essentially omnipotent, the Spectre can control time, space, and matter. He can also exhibit basic superpowers (like energy manipulation, super strength, and flight), turn invisible, phase through solid objects, and grow to enormous size.

He has vast mental powers which include creating hallucinations and resisting all forms of mind control.

Only the Presence seems to have any true control over the Spectre's abilities.