#ComicBytes: The most despicable acts of sassy inventor, Hank Pym

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#ComicBytes: The most despicable acts of sassy inventor, Hank Pym
#ComicBytes: The most despicable acts of sassy inventor, Hank Pym

14 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: The most despicable acts of sassy inventor, Hank Pym

Ever since his introduction in MCU, Hank Pym is seen as a sassy yet genius inventor, who is highly likable.

However, the original Ant-Man is actually one of the least liked superheroes in Marvel Comics, given the horrible things he has done.

Although most of his acts have solid reasons and he does have some redeeming qualities, the following acts are just despicable.

Ultron: Not Stark, he was responsible for the creation of Ultron

Although MCU showed Tony Stark as the creator of the android robot Ultron, in comics, it was actually Pym.

Pym was a successful inventor, who had an increasing interest in cybernetics and robotics.

But he ended up creating a xenophobic killer android, who learned all of the worst aspects of him to become one of the worst enemies of the Avengers.

Plan: He created a robot to stage an attack on Avengers

During a battle against the Elfqueen, Pym had a mental breakdown and he savagely struck the Elfqueen after the combat was over.

This behavior led the Avengers to launch a court-martial hearing against him.

While facing suspension, Pym retreated into his lab to build Salvation I, a robot for attacking his own teammates until he saves the day as a hero.

Ragnarok: Pym created Thor's dangerous clone Ragnarok, who killed his assistant

During the Civil War, Pym and Reed Richards created a clone of Thor from a strand of his hair, which Tony Stark provided to them.

Although this clone was supposed to fight for Tony's side, without the morals of Thor, he became a danger for everyone.

His arrival not only made many heroes switch sides but also killed Pym's lab assistant, Bill Foster.

The Wasp: His entire relationship with Janet Van Dyne was extremely toxic

Pym and Janet Van Dyme were an iconic pair, but their relationship was toxic.

For example, after becoming Yellowjacket, he kidnapped Janet before proposing to her, which is more disturbing than romantic.

But what made him irredeemable was when Janet tried to stop him from unleashing Salvation I, and he struck her violently.

Because of this, he is still known as the wife-beater.

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