#ComicBytes: Who are the most powerful enemies of the Flash?

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Who are the most powerful enemies of the Flash?
#ComicBytes: Who are the most powerful enemies of the Flash?

14 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: Who are the most powerful enemies of the Flash?

The Flash is an integral part of the DC Universe. But this responsibility comes with a set of villains.

Although the Flash is well equipped to fight these villains, the following characters are considered the character's most powerful enemies.

In this article, we will focus on the enemies of Barry Allen and Wally West, the two most popular and fastest Flash in DC.

Godspeed: August Heart or Godspeed is Barry's partner-turned-vigilante enemy

Detective August Heart is the only witness to Barry Allen's 'Flash' accident. He even takes care of Barry afterward.

During a Speed Force Storm in Central City, August gets struck by lightning which turns him into a speedster, and later Barry's partner.

Unfortunately, to avenge his brother's death, August also becomes the ruthless vigilante Godspeed, which places him against the Flash family.

Savitar: With his God-like powers, Savitar goes against all the speedsters

Savitar's original name is still unknown, but here is his origin story.

Originally a pilot enlisted to test a supersonic fighter jet, he is struck by lightning, which gives him super-speed.

As he becomes obsessed with his powers, he takes the name 'Savitar,' (a derivative of Savitr, the Hindu God of motion), and starts a quest to defeat every other speedster, including Wally West.

Captain Cold: Captain Cold uses his 'absolute zero' power against Flash's super-speed

Leader of the Rogues (the group of villains the Flash usually has to fight against) Leonard Snart or Captain Cold has become more of an anti-hero now but is still among Flash's worst enemies.

Armed with a sophisticated cold gun, and other technologies that can freeze things instantly, Captain Cold has consistently used this "absolute zero" power against the Flash's super-speed.

Zoom: Zoom is Wally West's arch-rival who can manipulate time

A former profiler for the KCPD who is paralyzed by Gorilla Grodd, Hunter Zolomon gains the ability to manipulate his own time after an accident involving the Cosmic Treadmill. Later, he receives super-speed too.

As he starts losing his mind, he becomes Zoom, who indirectly makes Wally a better hero. However, he breaks Wally's spirit from time to time, including killing Wally's unborn kids.

Reverse-Flash: Eobard Thawne and Barry Allen's rivalry is beyond any timeline

Flash's biggest fan from the 25th century, Eobard recreates the 'accident' to receive super-speed, which he uses to create dangers so that he can play the hero.

When Barry travels to the future, he reveals Eobard's truth. To get his revenge, Eobard travels back in time to kill Barry's mother. This incident is the reason why Barry chose to become the Flash.