#ComicBytes: The most terrible acts of the brooding superhero, Batman

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The most terrible acts of the brooding superhero, Batman
#ComicBytes: The most terrible acts of the brooding superhero, Batman

24 Dec 2020: #ComicBytes: The most terrible acts of the brooding superhero, Batman

Batman guards Gotham City as well as the DC Universe without any superpowers.

After all, his technological innovations, brilliant mind, fighting abilities, and bravery are enough to tackle the strongest villains.

However, this brooding superhero has a flexible code of conduct.

Despite saving the universe multiple times, Bruce Wayne has done many terrible things in his eight decades-long superhero career.

Killings: In his early days, he didn't have any 'no-kill' policy

Batman's no-kill policy is one of his fundamental trails. But this was not always the case.

In his early days as the Caped Crusader, Batman didn't shy away from killing criminals.

For example, he punched Hugo Strange so hard that he fell and died.

In a more bizarre act, he killed one of Strange's men by hanging him from his plane.

Azrael: He chose Azrael over Grayson to be the next Batman

During the event of Knightfall, Bane broke Batman's back and put him out of commission.

Instead of choosing his adopted son Dick Grayson as his successor, he gave the cowl to Jean-Paul Valley (Azrael).

This was not only super disrespectful towards Dick and the Bat-Family, but also had dire consequences.

Azrael, who was previously programmed for murder, went back to his violent ways.

Domestic Abuse: He abused his fiancée due to paranoia

When Batman reconnected with his former girlfriend Silver St. Cloud, they started dating again and were soon engaged.

But given Bruce Wayne's paranoid nature, the happier he got, his trust issues increased.

His paranoia got so bad that he assaulted Silver by grabbing her hair.

Although this was done to confirm that she was not a robot, this was not the way.

Tower of Babel: His contingency plans for fighting the League backfired

During the Tower of Babel storyline, it was revealed that Batman had prepared plans to kill all the members of the Justice League in case they go rogue.

Although the plans were encrypted, supervillain Ra's al Ghul managed to steal and decrypt those files.

These plans were not only used against the Justice League, but also resulted in the members losing faith in Batman.

OMAC: He actions led to the creation of the superhuman-killing OMACs

Another instance of Bruce Wayne's trust issues was the OMAC debacle.

Long story short, Batman became so skeptical of his fellow superheroes that he created an entire satellite called the Brother Eye to monitor his teammates.

Eventually, the satellite became sentient and evil as it fell into wrong hands.

In fact, it started creating OMACs (half-human half-robots) for hunting and killing superheroes.