#ComicBytes: The story of Agatha Harkness and her 'WandaVision' connection

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#ComicBytes: The story of Agatha Harkness and her
#ComicBytes: The story of Agatha Harkness and her

29 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: The story of Agatha Harkness and her 'WandaVision' connection

WandaVision, Disney Plus's new offering, has gotten Marvel fans completely hooked.

One of the most interesting parts of it is Agnes, the peculiar neighbor of Wanda and Vision.

Most fans believe that she is actually Agatha Harkness, one of the most powerful witches of Marvel Comics.

Before we give you more proof about the Agnes-Agatha connection, here is the history of Agatha in comics.

Age: Agatha's age is way above 12,500 years, has died twice

Introduced in the 1970's Fantastic Four #94, it was later revealed in Silver Surfer #13 that Agatha Harkness was old enough to remember 500 years before the Atlantis sank.

Since that happened in 10,500 BC in Marvel Comics, Agatha's age should be well over 12,500 years.

However, this didn't mean smooth sailing for all these years, as she has died at least twice.

Powers: Her powerful magical abilities: Create illusions, move objects, project force-fields

Before we get to her important story arcs, here's what Agatha is capable of.

She can create illusions, move objects, project force-fields and thoughts, and teleport.

By using spells, Agatha can tap into extra-dimensional energy and invoke entities or objects of power for special effects.

Due to her powerful mystic abilities, she is 1/3 the Earth's High Priestess, alongside Scarlet Witch and Storm.

Salem: She was persecuted during the Salem Witch Trials

Agatha settled down in Salem during the 17th century, where she formed her own coven of witches to practice magic in the new world.

Unfortunately, she and her group were persecuted by the Puritans during the Salem Witch Trials.

Turns out, she supported the trial and used it to weed out the weaker witches in her coven by turning them in.

Marvel connection: Former governess of Franklin Richards and Wanda Maximoff's mentor

Eventually, Agatha hid her powers and became a governess.

She then decided to become the nanny of Franklin Richards, the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm.

Here, she often teamed up with the Fantastic Four and helped other superheroes.

Furthermore, she started mentoring the Scarlet Witch, who resurrected Agatha after she was burned at the stake by her grandchildren, the Salem's Seven.

WandaVision: Agnes aka Agatha Harkness and her 'WandaVision' connection

Fans think Agnes is Agatha because she was spotted wearing a typical witch's attire in the promos, and Agnes sounds like a shortened version of Agatha Harkness.

Her introduction in MCU via WandaVision makes complete sense because, in the comics, she was the one who told Wanda that her kids were remnants of Mephisto, and wiped them off Scarlet Witch's mind.

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