#ComicBytes: The time when a group of pets defeated Thanos!

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The time when a group of pets defeated Thanos!
#ComicBytes: The time when a group of pets defeated Thanos!

02 Dec 2020: #ComicBytes: The time when a group of pets defeated Thanos!

Here is a fascinating story for you.

Remember the terrifying Thanos who decimated half of the universe in Avengers: Infinity War?

Turns out he is not entirely invincible.

While he does turn to dust in MCU, the comics have shown many variations of Thanos' loss over the years.

And one of them is the time when he was defeated by a group of super-pets!

Origin: Lockjaw's quest for the Infinity Gems started this team

After discovering that one of the Infinity Gems is in Attilan, the home of the Inhumans, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) contacted King Black Bolt and the Inhumans, to find it before Thanos.

However, Attilan's royal pet canine Lockjaw found the Mind Gem, which granted him telepathy.

Lockjaw used this power to read Mr. Fantastic's mind and decided to search for the remaining gems.

Members: Meet the super pets of the Pet Avengers

Lockjaw's quest led him to Earth where he first met Throg, a frog with the Asgardian powers of Thor.

Together they recruited Lockheed (Kitty Pryde's alien dragon), Redwing (the Falcon's companion), Hairball (the bouncing cat of Speedball), and Ms. Lion (Aunt May's pet dog who didn't have any powers but wanted to be a superhero).

Ka-Zar's Sabretooth Tiger Zabu joined the team later.

Infinity Gems: The Pet Avengers' journey of collecting the Infinity Gems

The team first teleported to the Savage Land to collect the Time Gem.

They used it to travel to the prehistoric era, where they collected the Space Gem.

Then, they jumped into the belly of Giganto the whale to find both the Soul and Reality Gems.

Since the last Gem was on the collar of Bo (Barack Obama's dog), they reached the White House.

Thanos: The Pet Avengers vs Thanos: The White House showdown

Unfortunately, Thanos also located the final Power Gem and reached the White House for a final showdown.

During the battle, Ms. Lion sacrificed himself to save Hairball.

So, Hairball used the Soul Gem to resurrect Ms. Lion, who woke up and named the team "Pet Avengers".

Combining the powers of the Infinity Gems, they then defeated Thanos and trapped him in another dimension.

Mansion: The Pet Avengers also have their own mission headquarters

Before returning the gems to a very surprised Reed Richards, Lockjaw used the Mind Gem to telepathically link all the Pet Avengers so they could reunite when needed, which they have done on multiple occasions.

After many successful missions, the Avengers built the Pet Avengers Mansion, located just behind the Avengers Mansion, to act as headquarters for the Pet Avengers.

Cute, right?