#ComicBytes: These are the top five Marvel anti-heroes

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: These are the top five Marvel anti-heroes
#ComicBytes: These are the top five Marvel anti-heroes

09 Nov 2020: #ComicBytes: These are the top five Marvel anti-heroes

Who exactly is an anti-hero?

A hero is brave, good-hearted, and willing to make the necessary sacrifices for the greater good, while an anti-hero is inherently good, but doesn't necessarily possess the noble qualities of a regular hero.

They are damaged, conflicted, and don't always follow the holier-than-thou route.

And they are sometimes more popular than heroes.

So, who are the best Marvel anti-heroes?

Meanest X-Men: Wolverine: Hugh Jackman gave him superhero status, but he's mean

Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine might have given the character superhero status, but he is the meanest X-Men with good hearted intentions.

But even as a good guy, he is not always good.

With 6 razor-sharp claws and healing power, he has no regrets about shedding blood.

He does whatever is necessary to get the job done, which is not always pretty.

Kill Machine: The Punisher: Has over 40,000 kills to his name

Frank Castle or The Punisher has over 40,000 kills to his name. Despite that, he is a fan favorite anti-hero.

In his origin story, Castle goes on a killing spree after his family gets brutally murdered by a mob.

He uses his expert military training to become a one-man army to fight crime.

So, basically a good-hearted guy with questionable methods of justice.

Symbiote: Venom (with Eddie Brock): Initially introduced as villain against Spider-Man

Venom is a symbiote that possesses the body of Eddie Brock as its host.

Together known as Venom, it has superhuman strength, speed, and healing abilities.

This persona is initially introduced as a villain against Spider-Man, but Eddie's quest to end corruption and crime turns it into an antihero.

However, due to the cannibalistic impulses, it literally eviscerates the criminals.

Complex: Loki: Marvel's most complex, people's most favorite character

Marvel's most complex character, Loki is an anti-hero as well as an anti-villain.

He's basically just Loki.

This God of mischief, expert of sorcery and deception, is not innately evil. He serves only himself and that makes him highly unpredictable.

His sibling rivalry with Thor introduced him as a villain but he also fought Chthon, saved Hulkling and Wiccan, apart from helping Thor. Sometimes.

Merc: Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth, annoyingly funny

The ultimate anti-hero, Deadpool is annoyingly funny, hyper-violent and people's favorite.

Due to his regenerative healing factor and strength, this mercenary is deadly and immortal.

Even though his morals favor paychecks, generally he is on the side of good.

However, his carnal perversions, lack of verbal boundaries, and thirst for violence make it impossible to categorize him as a hero.