#ComicBytes: The top five weapons in the X-Men universe

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The top five weapons in the X-Men universe
#ComicBytes: The top five weapons in the X-Men universe

21 Feb 2021: #ComicBytes: The top five weapons in the X-Men universe

X-Men are the protectors of their fellow mutants.

While the members of this group are extremely powerful on their own, it doesn't mean the weapons in their universe are any day less.

Whether it is about using or facing these, the weapons surrounding the X-Men are immensely powerful.

Read ahead to see our pick of the top five weapons in the X-Men universe.

Phoenix Gun: The Phoenix Gun contains bullets laced with Phoenix Force

Created by the Beast, the Phoenix Gun possesses bullets that contain the Phoenix Force.

Given how powerful this god-like energy is (just look at Jean Grey), whoever uses it dies immediately.

It has been used once to defeat the deadly amalgamation of Doctor Doom and Ego the Living Planet.

Thankfully, it was used by Wolverine, whose regenerative healing powers kept him away from death.

Neutralizer Gun: Neutralizer Gun can take away the powers of any mutant

The Neutralizer Gun is a unique yet dangerous invention.

Created by Forge, this gun can neutralize the power-giving gene within mutants to disable it and make them powerless.

While this weapon can help the group while fighting omega-level mutants, once it took away Storm's powers in Uncanny X-Men #185.

Her powers were eventually restored but unfortunately, it took many years.

Soulsword: Magik's Soulsword is a powerful offensive and defensive weapon

The Soulsword is a physical manifestation of Magik's magical powers.

Interestingly, the sword has shown harm only to magical creatures or objects yet, so it rarely injures non-magical beings.

As she became the leader of Limbo, her sword gained the powers to surround its user with armor, cut through magical defenses, injure intangible or supernatural enemies, and free beings from any kind of possession.

M'kraan Crystal: M'kraan Crystal is capable of destroying all realities

Although the origin of M'kraan Crystal is unclear, this ancient cosmic crystal houses an entire city.

And at the center of it all is a neutron galaxy, which is the nexus point for all matter across every reality.

To put it simply, if the crystal's stasis field gets destroyed, it will create a universal black hole that can destroy all of reality.

Black Vortex: Black Vortex can unleash an individual's cosmic potential

The Black Vortex first shows an individual a future where their cosmic potential is unleashed. If the individual submits to the vortex, they gain the power they see.

When Kitty Pryde used it, she phased through space and time and saw who she was and who she could become.

The Vortex can also take the given cosmic powers back. However, some side-effects might remain.