#ComicBytes: Find out who are the toughest villains of X-Men

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: Find out who are the toughest villains of X-Men
#ComicBytes: Find out who are the toughest villains of X-Men

18 Feb 2021: #ComicBytes: Find out who are the toughest villains of X-Men

X-Men, a group of Marvel's mutant superheroes, is one of the most successful properties of the giant.

Initially starting as a group of teenage mutant heroes formed by Charles Xavier, the team has grown by leaps and bounds.

And, so has its enemies. Having fought numerous villains over the years, X-Men's enemy list is pretty long.

And here are the team's most infamous rivals.

Kill Machine: Bastion, the most important mutant-killing sentinel

Sentinels are mutant-hunting robots, who are generally handled by X-Men without much difficulty.

But these robots keep evolving to become more dangerous.

While there are many versions of sentinels to choose from, the 5th position belongs to Bastion.

When Nimrod, a highly advanced Sentinel unit, bonds with Master Mold, he becomes a powerful android named Bastion, whose sole purpose is to kill all mutants.

Scientist: Mister Sinister, the brilliant geneticist who is obsessed with mutants

Dr. Nathaniel Essex, a brilliant Victorian-era scientist who predicted mutants, was transformed into Mister Sinister by Apocalypse.

Over the years, he has used his expertise as a geneticist to obsessively experiment on himself and mutants, which causes troubles for the X-Men.

While he wants to use his knowledge to improve the mutant race, he often does it by manipulating the lives of X-Men.

Dark Force: The Dark Phoenix was responsible for the darkest X-Men story

Once, the Phoenix Force, a powerful cosmic entity, makes Jean Grey its host.

Following the manipulation from the villainous Hellfire Club, Jean turns into the Dark Phoenix, an energy-hungry being who wants to destroy the universe to gain more power.

She then turns against her own teammates and creates chaos across the universe during the Dark Phoenix Saga, one of X-Men's most important stories.

First Mutant: Apocalypse, the world's first mutant with a twisted ideology

En Sabah Nur or Apocalypse is the world's first mutant.

In his twisted ideology of mutant domination, Apocalypse believes that only the strongest (mutant/superhuman) should survive.

This mentality and god-like powers make him one of Marvel's most dangerous villains.

From turning the original X-Men Angel into Archangel (the horseman of Death) to creating Mister Sinister, he has done plenty to harm the X-Men.

Numero Uno: Magneto is the X-Men's first and most important enemy

Magneto, X-Men's first-ever enemy, with his ability to control magnetic fields, wants to help mutants to replace humans as the dominant species.

While his motivations are understandable, his violent methods often place him opposite his frenemy, Professor Xavier's X-Men.

Even though Magneto and Prof X are currently leading the mutant nation of Krakoa together, he will always remain the most important X-Men villain.