#ComicBytes: Tracing the origin of the smartest Robin, Tim Drake

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#ComicBytes: Tracing the origin of the smartest Robin, Tim Drake
#ComicBytes: Tracing the origin of the smartest Robin, Tim Drake

15 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Tracing the origin of the smartest Robin, Tim Drake

Tim Drake's Robin is always overlooked because of Dick Grayson's popularity and Jason Todd's tragedy.

But, there is no denying that this Boy Wonder is the smartest of them all.

Over the years, he has played an important role in many crucial events in Gotham as well as in the DC universe.

And honestly, his origin is one of the best arcs in DC.

Discovery: Tim discovered the true identity of Batman and Robin

As a boy, Tim was a fan of acrobat Dick Grayson. In fact, he witnessed the death of Dick's parents.

Since he knew Grayson's moves, he was able to deduce Robin's true identity while watching news footage of Batman and Robin in action, years after the murder of the Flying Graysons.

This also led him to discover that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Robin: He became the third Robin after Jason Todd's death

Following Jason Todd's death, Tim noticed Batman's violent behavior.

So, he reached out to Bruce and Dick (who was Nightwing then) and asked them to reconcile as Batman and Robin, but no one listened to him.

Later, when both Batman and Nightwing were trapped by Two-Face, Tim took the unused Robin costume and saved them.

From that point forward, Tim became the third Robin.

Red Robin: After losing Robin's mantle to Damian, he became Red Robin

Following the appearance of Wayne's biological son, Damian, and the assumed demise of Wayne, Tim became the Red Robin while Damian took over the Robin identity.

Despite getting ostracized from the Batman Family for believing that Wayne was alive, he continued to work alone and eventually found his mentor to be alive.

This badass origin was, however, rebooted after 2011's Flashpoint event.

New 52: What does Tim Drake rebooted 'New 52' origin look like?

In the New 52 rebooted origin, Tim uncovered the identity of Batman and wanted to get his attention, so he stole $100 million from the Penguin and donated it.

When the Penguin decided to kill Tim and his family, Batman saved him and sent his parents in witness protection.

Batman then took Tim in his care, where he became Batman's partner, Red Robin.

Final thoughts: Let's admit: Tim is the smartest of all Robins

Although he is always overshadowed by Nightwing's personality, Red Hood's anti-hero qualities, and Damian's family legacy, Tim will always be the smartest Robin, no matter what his origins are.

If his analytical skills make him Bat Family's best detective (second only to Batman himself), his martial art training from Wayne and Lady Shiva, one of DC's deadliest assassins, makes him a powerful character.

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