#ComicBytes: Ultimate Marvel characters who are powerful than the original

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#ComicBytes: Ultimate Marvel characters who are powerful than the original
#ComicBytes: Ultimate Marvel characters who are powerful than the original

22 Jan 2021: #ComicBytes: Ultimate Marvel characters who are powerful than the original

Ultimate Universe brought back Marvel into the big leagues after the company became creatively and economically stagnant.

This reboot, which revised the characters for a contemporary audience living in an alternative universe, was a phenomenal success.

In fact, it was the foundation of MCU.

Although this universe ended on a bizarre note, it gave us the powerful versions of many popular characters.

Reed Richards: Reed Richards became a super powerful villain called the Maker

Reed Richards as Mister Fantastic is the popular stretchy and genius superhero on Earth-616, Marvel's main continuity.

But on Earth-1616, the location of the Ultimate Universe, he became the evil being called the Maker.

As a villain, he increased the range of his usual powers to evolve beyond his biological necessities.

Although this was bad for humankind, he became far more effective.

Captain America: Ultimate Captain America had actual superhuman strengths and abilities

The Captain America of Earth-616 doesn't have any superpowers.

Everyone thinks that the Super Soldier serum gave him powers but actually, it just made him reach the peak of common human strength and ability.

However, the Ultimate Cap had actual superhuman strength and physical ability, which made him a much powerful fighter with the ability to go against powerful beings like the Hulk.

Loki: Loki, the God of Mischief, got an insane power upgrade

The main continuity Loki always toes the line between good and evil (mostly evil).

In the Ultimate Universe, the shape-shifting God got a power upgrade in addition to his Asgardian and mischievous powers.

He became capable of shuffling through time and space and reordering reality into any shape.

Additionally, he could take any form, summon armies of monsters, and was unaffected by Thor's hammer.

Nick Fury: Ultimate Nick Fury had peak human abilities and cybernetic arm

Ultimate Nick Fury remains one of the best outcomes.

In fact, since he was designed after Samuel L. Jackson in this timeline, the actor ended up becoming Nick Fury in MCU.

Although he had similar tactical skills as his 616 counterpart, this Nick Fury received peak human abilities from the Super Soldier Serum.

Plus, he had a super cool cybernetic arm.

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