#ComicBytes: The underrated members of X-Men

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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#ComicBytes: The underrated members of X-Men
#ComicBytes: The underrated members of X-Men

31 Oct 2020: #ComicBytes: The underrated members of X-Men

Mutants are an essential part of Marvel because they are all unique, and necessary for every big event in the universe.

Interestingly, all of them (barring some obvious exceptions) have joined X-Men at some point.

However, most of them get overshadowed by the likes of Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, and others.

And, today we will talk about some powerful X-Men who deserve more attention.

Iceman: Iceman is one of the founding members of X-Men

Robert "Bobby" Drake (Iceman) has appeared in some X-Men movies, but he rarely gets the appreciation he deserves, even after being a founding member of the team.

Iceman is severely underused despite his ability to create unbreakable ice from the water vapor present in the air.

This power allows him to create instant physical structures, use ice to heal his body, and much more.

Havok: Havok gets overshadowed by his brother Cyclops' legacy

Cyclops' younger brother Havok (Alexander Summers) always gets overshadowed by his brother's legacy, even when he himself is an extremely powerful mutant.

Havok possesses the power to absorb cosmic energy, process it, and use it as powerful waves of energy in concentric circle patterns.

He has also led the Brotherhood of Mutants, X-Factor, and has been a part of Uncanny Avengers and Starjammers.

Angel: Angel is another ignored founding member of X-Men

Born with hollow bones, little body fat, and feathered wings, Warren Worthington III has the power to soar the sky like an Angel.

But more importantly, Angel is another founding member of the X-Men, who is often ignored in the main narrative.

The only time his powers are actually appreciated is unfortunately when Apocalypse turns him into the Horseman of Death.

The Dazzler: Mutant popstar Dazzler can turn sonic vibrations into light beams

Alison Blaire, the Dazzler is part of Marvel's A-Force. But, this mutant is also a member of the X-Men.

The Dazzler can transform sonic vibrations (like music), which reach her body into various types of light (hence the name Disco Dazzler).

Her training with Cyclops has taught her to produce laser-like beams with more precision.

Unfortunately, fans barely know this mutant popstar.

Multiple Man: The Multiple Man can create independent duplicates of himself

Although he is more of an X-Factor team member, the Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) is part of the X-Men too.

Even with the ability to create living duplicates of himself who can feel and act independently, the Multiple Man is underutilized.

Not only is his power really useful in battles and for spying, he also has developed into a skilled leader and detective.