'I Command Power And Influence That's Why Trolls Want To Shut Me Down,' Says Taapsee Pannu On The Toxicity Of Social Media - EXCLUSIVE

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Taapsee Pannu who is every active on social media feels it has lately become very toxic. “Social media gives everyone a certain power which not everyone is equipped to handle sensibly. A lot of them use it the wrong way.” She feels the freedom for free-speech is being misused. “Since it’s a free country anyone can say anything, and the limits of how far one can go are not specified.”

She tries not to react to the trolls. “But I guess it’s human to get provoked. Most of the time I don’t allow myself to get provoked.The alarming thing is, there’s so much of the toxicity one just gets used to it and immune to. I don’t know whom it’s more unfortunate for that I’ve gotten so used to the toxicity that it doesn’t affect me any more.”

The rise of the toxic troll tribe would be amusing it were not so tragic. “I just feel like laughing sometimes at the whole circus. But then it is so sad and strange that people have so much bitterness in them and they are living with the bitterness all the time.”

Taapsee’s family does get affected by all the negativity. “It does affect them because they are not part of the entertainment industry . They are not used to it. But it is a part of my life and they will have to get used to it. I have had conversations with my family on this matter.”

The trick is to not allow the attack to govern your life. “ I won’t change because of the trolls. If I change it will be because of my own intrinsic process of growth and not because of some pathetic troll in his or her dingy corner venting spleen. No, I won’t change because of them. It only makes me stronger more determined to stand up for what I believe in.”

Taapsee feels the trolls are after you only when your voice counts. “Somewhere my voice counts .I guess I do command a certain power and influence. That’s why they want to shut me down.I don’t get triggered easily. When I do I don’t stoop down to the level of the troll. I will never lose my dignity in replying. That’s the basic difference between me and and the troll.”

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