Commuter gets stuck between train and partition on subway

Helen Coffey
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Man gets stuck between train and screen (Weibo/KNEWS)
Man gets stuck between train and screen (Weibo/KNEWS)

A commuter managed to get trapped between the train and the safety partition at a subway station in China.

The man was photographed while stuck on the platform in Shanghai.

According to a notice from Shanghai Metro, he had attempted to squeeze onto the train as the doors were closing, and managed to get wedged between the carriage and the safety screen in the process.

The incident took place at Caobao Road station on Metro Line 1, on Monday 26 October, during rush hour.

A safety mechanism was automatically triggered when the man became trapped, according to local media, while video footage also shows a station employee running along the platform to stop the train by pushing the emergency button.

A photo of the man stuck between the doors was shared widely on Chinese social media site Weibo.

He escaped the incident unscathed after train guards opened both sets of doors and allowed him to board the carriage.

The train was only slightly delayed and departed three minutes behind schedule.

It follows the story of a Sacramento police officer who managed to pull a man to safety seconds before a train arrived, after his electric wheelchair got stuck on the tracks as he attempted to cross the road.

Lodi Police Department officer Erika Urrea was patrolling the area near the Union Pacific Railroad in August 2020 when she noticed that an elderly man in a wheelchair appeared to be stuck on the tracks.

Bodycam footage released by the department showed that as the officer drove over to investigate, the crossing arms that indicate a train is about to pass through started to go down, so she jumped out of her car and ran over to try and help him.

“A northbound train was travelling pretty fast, and she rushed over to get him unstuck,” Lodi Police Department sergeant Steve Maynard told reporters on Wednesday.

“She only had a few seconds, and for some reason, she couldn’t get the chair loose, so she grabbed hold of him and hauled him from the chair.”

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