Conan O'Brien tries to help Trump buy Greenland and hilariously fails

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On a special Conan Without Borders, Conan O’Brien visited Greenland to help broker the purchase of the world’s largest island for President Trump. Trump has discussed buying the sovereign nation, despite the country's very clear desire to remain sovereign.

Upon arriving in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, O’Brien announced his plans to buy the island. However, after speaking with the airport workers, tour guides, children, and random people on the street, he realized nobody wanted to Greenland to become part of America.

One man’s excuse for not wanting to join the U.S.: “I don't want Trump to be my president.” While another woman said she didn’t want to be American because, “They are all fat.”

O’Brien even tried bribing a member of Greenland’s parliament with $120,000 in cash to help move the sale along. Ultimately he realized that Greenland wasn’t for sale. But with a subtle nod to climate change, O’Brien did purchase a small iceberg which he referred to as “waterfront property.”

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