Confessions Of A Toddler Mom

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Confessions Of A Toddler Mom

Sometimes, there is no way I can avoid getting into a shouting match with my son.

Many times I keep doing mistakes being a parent.
(Tell me you do too and I will be more than happy)

Sometimes, I try to give a tough competition to my son, when he goes through an emotional meltdown. Instead of responding to him in a softer voice and connecting with him immediately,

I try to become louder too and once the storm is over, I then realise, I am his mom and not a competitor.

If this has never happened with you, trust me you are an absolute "Angel-mommy" and lady, I envy you!!

Half of the times, I forget to make my child emotionally stable by becoming an attentive listener first. I many times even forget to sit down to his level to offer him some emotional comfort before I start delivering him some logical lecture on behaviour!!

When it comes to disciplining or getting important daily chores done by my son, (I am talking about our school-bus pick-up time crisis here), I just end up yelling at him from across the room and expect him to finish his chores speedily.
(Now as if he is an angel-baby!)

Respecting others work first, then by connecting to them with love & affection and asking them  questions like, could you please or I would love if you can, etc. makes a huge difference right??

Ok! But unfortunately I am not myself following this.

I think I am into my realisation phase currently,I think I have become a wicked-mom from past few weeks. And now I desperately want to mould myself into a better mom.

It is not possible to be a loving, nurturing, calm and patient mom 24*7 atleast while disciplining a child. But I need to be a sensible and mindful mom while raising my precious tiny life I have been given by the almighty.

Tell me, I am not the only one who has turned into a wicked-mom!


Ok just just tell me what's your experience handling a toddler or a preschooler's temper tantrums?


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