Connor Finnerty, A Young Hollywood Star On The Rise

Hollywood is a place of dreams and of making dreams come true. People flock to the city from all over the world, but it can be a tough road, and not everyone succeeds in making their dreams a reality. But for some, dreams really do come true.

Photographer: Lee Clower

Connor Finnerty is from Roseville, CA. He showed an interest in dancing and performing at a very young age. As a kid, he would put on shows for his family at home. His interest in entertaining initially came with dancing, but quickly expanded into acting and music. Connor and his family moved to Los Angeles in July, 2015, after Connor signed with a talent agency. He was one of just a few they took on out of several hundred hopeful young talent who auditioned.

The four years he has spent in Los Angeles have led him to opportunities to work with names like DJ Kahled, Janet Jackson, and Michael Buble. After years of hard work to make a name for himself, he recently booked a series regular role on a new series with the popular digital network Brat. The show is called “Sunnyside Up” and will premiere on Brat in December. The role was his first series regular booking. Around the same time that he booked the role of Otis on “Sunnyside Up”, Connor also signed a recording contract with Nick Cannon as part of the new boy band NCK.

Connor has a strong social media following with 495,000 followers on instagram and a total of nearly 1 million followers across all social platforms, including TikTok. He often gets recognized by fans while he is out. His social media following gives him a platform to be a good role model to kids who look up to him and to share his day to day life with his fans. When asked about social media,

Connor said “I keep everything positive on social media. It’s a chance to inspire people who follow my journey in the entertainment business.”


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