Content Is the Key to Contentment: Gaurav Chanana

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An actor-producer-writer-poet, Gaurav Chanana is the brain behind Lucifer Circus, one of the most promising content creating and production houses in India today. “A real brand always focuses on how it tells the story”, avers Gaurav whose two screenplays have been recognised at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, Utah and Academy Awards Nicholl's Fellowship. Gaurav’s tryst with the entertainment business began when he proved his histrionics in shows like Sanjeevani, Hey... Yehii To Haii Woh! and the film Ishkq In Paris, among others.

Another facet of Gaurav was that he was always interested in telling stories from a very young age. When he started working as an actor, the whole craft of filmmaking and entertainment naturally enchanted Gaurav. This fascination for celebration of telling a tale, led this Lucifer to start his Circus.

This brings us to take one more look at his dashing similarity with Lucifer, handsome persona, quirky sense of humour and of course the unmissable green eyes that look into your soul. These elements blended with talent and perseverance to build a unique identity for his company as well.

"Lucifer Circus is all for a real commercial that just doesn’t try to sell the product, but tells a story that will be remembered. We aim to make films that sear your soul because most choices are actually made in the subconscious. We believe the heart connects to its counterpart even if the brain might not."

Lucifer Circus has collaborated with esteemed agency partners like Ogilvy, Lowe, Dentsu, Famous, brands like Britannia, Perfetti, Wipro to name a few

Gaurav is also gearing up to make content for the OTT platforms and is collaborating with some wonderful like minded filmmakers.

"I believe everyone’s end goal is the same – happiness. People peg their happiness on different things -- a job, a car, more money, power, the list goes on. The whole pursuit of happiness is a struggle to reach the top of a mountain to achieve that peak. But what does one do when they reach the top? Celebrate, click a selfie, post it on social media and then? And then they climb down and search and struggle for another mountain to climb. Well, I find my happiness in my pursuit and only do things that make me happy, even if I don't always end up gaining work, money, power. So, we at Lucifer Circus deal in a currency called happiness. Our work makes us happy, so does our content. And it will always continue to do so," Gaurav signs off.

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