‘’Content Is King‘’ says Ahmed Meeran, the IIM guy who is a social media sensation

If you also spend any amount of time surfing Instagram, YouTube and TikTok you must have come across rising internet sensation Ahmed Meeran, who hails from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, at some point of time. His videos are hilarious, honest and totally relatable, something that will make you scream, ‘Oh My God, I would die laughing’. His content is not just about laughter, he sings too. It is to be noted that he was the Island Topper in 12th CBSE Board exams in Andaman and Nicobar Islands; he is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from NIT Durgapur and is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur, one of the premium institutes of our country.

Ahmed Meeran started his Social Media Journey with his Instagram account ‘ahmedmeeranoffl’ in January 2018 and has nearly 250k followers now. It is his consistency and passion towards entertaining people that has been helping him reach out to more and more people on a daily basis.

The 24-year-old Ahmed says “It is not just about what you want to show, but it is equally about what your existing and potential audience wants to see. In today’s internet era where almost every third human being has access to the internet and various apps, it might seem to be easy to reach people. But to stay, one needs a constant research with the content and innovation in the techniques in which one wants to present the content to his audience. In short, a social media content creator needs to be updated with the online trends”

While people have a stereotyped conception that IIM students do not have time for activities other than studies, here we have the exceptional social media fame Ahmed who puts out content on a daily basis and effectively entertains a huge mass of audience.

‘I started my journey by posting singing videos and gained a very limited and niche audience. Later I started posting dubsmashes, roasts and troll videos which made me reach more people’’ says Ahmed whose Bigg Boss Trolls and TikTok roast series called ‘’TikTok Vaasigal’’ has a huge fan base, in which he is known for trolling without crossing the line. Kudos! Ahmed Meeran, who is a huge fan of AR Rahman has done quite a few YouTube Mashup covers too, which were received well. Off late he has been getting quite a few offers from the Tamil Film Industry as well. Ahmed is well versed in multi languages including English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam etc., his mother tongue and major audience base being Tamil.

Talking about dealing with negative comments on Social media, he says ‘’I do take the comments that criticise my content in a constructive manner but I ignore the comments that only portray pure hatred. There is a thin line between criticising and abusing. It is always better to ignore abuses because taking them to the mind or heart puts you off’’.

There are so many people who are trying to make a mark in the social media, to them Ahmed says, “When you start, never look at numbers, just focus on content. Content is king. And honestly, if you figure that out, everything else will fall in place.”