Contingency Plans for the Apocalypse to Dharmakshetra: The Great Trial after Kurukshetra: 4 books that are just out

Book: Contingency Plans for the Apocalypse

Author: S.B. Divya

Publisher: Hachette

In this collection of 14 layered stories featuring dying cities, undying humans, amorphous bodies, cyborg racers and magic beetles, internationally acclaimed writer and data scientist S.B. Divya treads the line between the present and the future, while exploring the eternal conundrums of identity and love in speculative worlds.

Book:Tales from the Tail End: My Cancer Diary

Author: Ananya Mukherjee

Publisher: Speaking Tiger

When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, writes Ananya Mukherjee, she was ‘stunned and disappointed in myself but quickly found my resolve. I chose to fight cheerfully…with a deep belief and faith that I’d be okay.’ Tragically, her will could not overcome circumstances, and she lost the fight on November 18, 2018. But she left behind an inspiring diary of her fight.

Book:The Kargil Victory

Author: Colonel S.C. Tyagi

Publisher: Speaking Tiger

A comprehensive and accessible battle-by-battle account of the Kargil war by an Army officer who witnessed it. He narrates the individual and collective acts of bravery and the astute military strategies that won the war for India. Containing detailed maps, eye-witness accounts and photographs, this is an inspiring book for all those who want to know the real story of the Kargil War.

Book: Dharmakshetra: The Great Trial after Kurukshetra

Author: Epic Channel

Publisher: Rupa

The Great War is over. Kurukshetra lies barren. Is it the heroes who won and the villains who lost? The thin line between just and unjust, fair and unfair, deceit and loyalty, and betrayal and duty, has never been questioned. The answers to these unasked questions lie buried in the ruins of history. Dharmakshetra resurfaces these buried questions and allows the legendary characters of this tale an opportunity to tell their side of the story for the very first time.