Contour, Compassion and Confidence – That’s Lubna Rafiq for you

A woman can conquer the world with her self-confidence. And as rightly said, make-up is self-confidence applied directly to your face. When it comes to make-up, it would be a cardinal sin to not mention Lubna Rafiq - the stupendously talented artist, who works her spells with the beautiful brides on their big day, and various stars and celebrities for their shoots. No wonder she is an absolute favourite amongst all. Not only does Lubna carry out her work with the utmost precision and professionalism, she also makes sure that her muse feels completely at ease and is utterly comfortable with the entire process. Lubna goes out of her way to make your day extremely special - she spins her magic wands aka her make-up brushes, and voila, you have a mesmerizing, radiant, alluring patron!

Lubna has always been immensely passionate about make-up; her career started with providing image grooming solutions in and around the United Kingdom for the special occasions of the to-be brides, but the fragrance of her talent reached far and wide. Soon her work started to earn her accolades and she became a respected and recognized name amongst the fashion brands, celebrities, and brides alike. To spread her love and passion for make-up, and to provide the accurate training and the right amount of encouragement to the like-minded make-up enthusiasts, she established the Lubna Rafiq Academy, also known as LRA, in 2005. Through her work, she aims to inspire young, budding businesswomen to believe in their passions and aspirations, and works towards turning those into their professions.

Lubna’s work is not only limited to the UK; she has been spreading her wings all over the world. Lubna has been working dedicatedly towards training the young artists around the globe, and offering them lucrative opportunities to make an exceptionally bright career in the field of makeup and hair. With each passing day, Lubna turns many dreams into realities, and while she’s at it, she leaves no stone unturned in providing the necessary guidance and the required resources to the students and the fellow artists. She’s truly an altruistic soul, full of benevolence!

At the Lubna Rafiq Academy, Lubna runs many extensive training programs. For the students having completed their training with the LRA, Lubna also runs the Lubna Rafiq Agency which boosts the beginning and the base of the promising make-up artists. Lubna Rafiq undoubtedly goes the extra mile to ensure that her students get the right experience and the unparalleled make-up credentials that will help them kick start their foundations.

In the process of expanding her reach further, Lubna intends to augment her training services to numerous other countries.

Despite the parallel existence of make-up giants like Bobbi Brown, it would be an absolute remiss to not commend the fact that Lubna Rafiq has been able to create a supremely impressive brand image for herself, that too in an excessively short career span. I’m sure you all agree that this is no short of a feat in itself!

In the make-up industry, the stress levels always run high, and the competition to innovate is endless. But, the wonder woman that Lubna Rafiq is, she makes it look like a cakewalk.

She is the epitome of positivity, not taking failures as a disappointment but as a stepping stone to learn something new. And when she isn’t busy making the world a more beautiful place to exist in, Lubna unwinds with the help of her family and friends, some great food and a good dose of hot bikram yoga.