In Conversation with Ace Dental Surgeon Dr Karishma Vijan on Launch of Her Dental Clinic Concept Quintessence Smiles - a Trailblazer In Dentistry

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'Give yourself the gift of smile’, says the dynamic Dr. Karishma Vijan, who is one of the few dentists in the country to have successfully disrupted the Indian Dental Sector and established a unique name for herself with her Quality dental brand "Quintessence Smiles By Dr. Karishma Vijan’’. Dr. Karishma has always been of the view that being of service to others is the greatest gift she could ever receive. Her thought process, beliefs and ideologies have to be largely credited for the growing notability of her brand- Q Smiles.

She has always believed that challenges are in fact opportunities in disguise. Upon returning to India from Manchester after pursuing her Master’s degree, Dr. Karishma was distressed to find out that one of her close relatives was battling oral cancer. On closely observing the ordeal, she realized there was a gap in the way dentistry was practiced and decided to conduct further research into the field of preventive dentistry and hence, integrating it with cosmetic dentistry and the fact that it could be an impediment for multiple diseases. Her efforts had been conspicuous as two months later, Dr. Karishma found herself to be the youngest dentist teaching at the eminent British Dental Conference, Excel, London about the importance of preventive healthcare for combating oral diseases and cancer.

Hence, started Dr. Karishma’s mission to promote dental care as the key to holistic health and wellness through the inception of ‘Quintessence Smiles (Q Smiles)’. The brain-child of Dr. Karishma Vijan, Q Smiles is the dentistry-focused vertical, a one-of-a-kind center for Holistic and cosmetic dentistry. Q Smiles also focuses on preventive dentistry that is an upcoming branch of dental sciences. The treatments focus on the early prevention of disease by addressing the root cause and examining its link to gut health, mental health, and nutrition. While also treating dental diseases such as cavities and root canals, its approach towards preventive and cosmetic dentistry is based on the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure minimal invasion and damage to the teeth. At Q Smiles by Dr. Karishma Vijan, the dental issues are not only cured but also prevented. That's when cosmetic dentistry truly enhances the shape, size, color, and also, strength of the teeth. “The end message we want to give is that our current treatment will not only enhance your smile but also your overall body health.”

Dr. Karishma has been conferred upon Women super Achievers award 2019 by the World Woman leadership congress in association with ET Now.

In a world where cosmetic dentistry is considered to be superficial, Q Smiles aims to break through the barriers and stereotypes associated with the same. Dr. Karishma Vijan strongly believes that cosmetic dentistry is not singularly associated with correcting superficial looks but more importantly, it is concerned with treating dental issues from their root. Even though there are two practicing dentists in her family, Dr. Karishma Vijan has carved a niche and created a unique name for herself in the industry. “I have never worked with my dad, as it would be too convenient”, Dr. Karishma iterates. She is very grateful for her parents’ support and the guidance her mentors have provided throughout her journey. “I am a combination of my mom’s robust value system and my father’s hard-working skills, my mind creatively tries to amalgamates the two.” She has carefully curated this state-of-the-art dental studio perched upon Bandra's Linking road over a span of about 2 years.

Her contribution to the field of healthcare has received wide critical acclaim and she has been the recipient of certain esteemed awards and honors as noted below:-

The WEF 2019 prestigious ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ award.

Named as one of the 'Most Inspiring Women in Healthcare across India' as a part of the Bumble Bizz campaign for women.

Quintessence Smiles is the conceptual brainchild of Dr. Karishma Vijan, a cosmetic and aesthetic dentist with an eye for perfection. She has chosen the most contemporary equipment for her plush clinic so as to deliver the best that dentistry has to offer. Her father, an excellent and now a retiring general dentist, would be visiting the center for limited hours . Dr. Karishma Vijan has also been featured in the list of ‘100 Most Impactful Global Healthcare Leaders' at the World Health & Wellness Congress 2019 by ET Now for her contributions.

By the way of her ventures, Dr. Karishma aims to revolutionize dental health care and more for women of all strata with prominent importance to oral and preventive care that has been neglected extensively through the decades. She is also a specialist consultant at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Khar Mumbai.

Her new clinic launches on 26th January, 2020. “ This is just the beginning of reaching out to create many more smiles, impact finds itself a medium,” she concludes, signing off.