In Conversation With Media Manthan News Founder Sudhir Bishnoi On Helping The Needy Amidst The Pandemic

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Sudhir Bishnoi is a 24 year old rising youth journalist who has been advocating for a responsible media since long, in the tryst to change the face of real reporting, the double MA in Journalism began his media news channel called 'Media Manthan News' on Youtube and have since than amassed millions of views on his video reports.

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Sudhir Bishnoi is not only a journalist on camera who believes in giving voice to the voiceless but he donnes the same character off camera which is testimony from the fact that he has successfully helped over 500 individuals in getting a job at the time of the pandemic and continues to lead the way for the downtrodden youth.

His team has also been very active at providing food facilities in and around their area of Rajasthan and has been instrumental in leading campaigns for the needy from the front.

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Born to a farmer, Sudhir Bishnoi was always interested in doing something big for mankind, driven by the passion to work towards the oppressed, he finished his double masters in journalism as he thought that a career in journalism will help him connect to the masses in a better way, today he is deploying all his learnings from journalism school and has hence come out as a much favoured reporter and news anchor who's style of news presentation and issues addressed is being appreciated by the masses.

Sudhir Bishnoi is also a social media geek and has extensive experience of working with several celebrities of the political, sports and entertainment industry. He has been hailed for his social media strategic skills by many and has carved a niche for himself in the digital domain.

Talking about his initiatives towards the hundreds of individuals he has facilitated in getting a job, he says," The pandemic has been hard for the economies of the entire globe, people lost their jobs not because they were not skilled but because everything just stop functioning, because of which families were starving, we knew we had to do something for such people, since god has made me capable to help others by whichever means I can, we made use of our extensive network and we got success in uplifting these people".

In a nutshell, the charismatic personality of Sudhir Bishnoi does justice to the inner light in him that guides him to change the lives of others in a constructive way each day.