Cookie Lyons vs. Carine Roitfeld: Choose Your Animal Print-Loving Style Icon

Christopher Kim
·Market Editor

Carine Roitfeld and Cookie Lyon: On the surface, they may not seem like they have much in common. Carine, the editor-in-chief of her namesake fashion magazine, CR Fashion Book, exemplifies all that is sultry and French—while Cookie, a vengeful ex-inmate with money on her mind, is all about excess. (Also, Cookie, a character on Fox’s Empire portrayed by Taraji P. Henson, isn’t exactly real.)

Something that is real? Her undying love of wearing animal prints—an adoration she shares with Mademoiselle Roitfeld. Their overall sartorial aesthetics may vary, but at the core, they both have a taste for fabric inspired by some of nature’s most stunning creatures. (And surprisingly, they’ve even borrowed a few looks from each other!)

Click through to see animal prints done two ways: Carine’s, and Cookie’s.

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