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Coolie No 1 Review

2 stars

Cast : Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan

Director: David Dhawan

Release date: 25 December, 2020

This year’s Christmas release has Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan as the romantic lead in David Dhawan’s Coolie No 1. Is this remake of the 1995 Govinda - Karisma Kapoor starrer worth a watch?

Here’s the story - Raju played by Varun falls for rich girl Sara played by Sara Ali Khan. Their marriage seems like an impossible alliance but Javed Jaffrey plays matchmaker who has a score to settle with Sara’s father played by Paresh Rawal. He presents Coolie No 1 Raju as Raj, a billionaire and gets the two married. But how long before the truth unfolds?

Coolie No 1 is bigger, it has fancier sets, stylish costumes and definitely a lot of money spent on production. But none of the big bucks spent really translates into a wholesome entertainer. For one, the plot that worked in 1995 doesn’t seem to really fit in 2020. Even if you were to suspend disbelief, the film seems more like a spoof.

Govinda’s comic timing made all his associations with David Dhawan a fun-watch, no matter how ridiculous the plot was. Varun Dhawan who was completely convincing in the ‘Judwaa’ remake, seems under confident in Coolie No 1. The jokes fall flat and he seems to be trying too hard to be funny.

Sara Ali Khan has shown promise in her debut film ‘Kedarnath’ and while she seems to enjoy playing the quintessential Bollywood heroine in this one, this performance is definitely not worth talking about. Sara enjoys the ‘thumkas’ but is really over-the-top in parts where she has to be emotional.

The rest of the supporting cast - Javed Jaffrey, Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever - none of them really tickle the funny bone. The dialogues, the humour and the comebacks were found wanting. The song and dance sequences also, fail to make you want to move and groove.

A remake needs to be repurposed to be relevant to today’s audience. We can’t just force fit a formula that worked 25 years ago and rest assured it will work. Coolie No 1 disappoints on too many counts - I am going with 2 stars for this one.

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