'Coronation Street': 60th anniversary spoilers - all you need to know

David Brown
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Coronation Street today unveils its official 60th anniversary cast photograph (ITV)
Coronation Street today unveils its official 60th anniversary cast photograph (ITV)

Coronation Street will mark its 60th anniversary this December with three long-running storylines reaching thrilling crescendos.

Viewers awaiting the outcome of Yasmeen’s trial will get a verdict, while back in the neighbourhood Adam and Carla are trying to keep their recent one-night stand under wraps. But as we know, buried secrets do tend to have a habit of rising to the surface in soapland.

Finally, the race is on to save the Street itself as unscrupulous property developer Ray Crosby brings the bulldozers in. Can stalwart crusader Ken win against the odds? And will Kevin discover all about sister Debbie’s double dealing? Read on for more on this momentous week in Weatherfield…

Yasmeen v Geoff

Coronation Street 60 Anniversary (ITV/Photographer - Danielle Baguley)
Coronation Street 60 Anniversary (ITV/Photographer - Danielle Baguley)

Judgement is passed on Yasmeen in court, but the decision at her trial will lead to incendiary drama for Geoff and Alya. Expect the two enemies to lock horns once more, as Geoff attacks Alya at Speed Daal before dousing No 6 in lighter fluid. Pretty soon, the action has shifted to the roof of the house, which is set to be the scene of a frightening stand-off.

“I live for moments like this,” says Sair Khan, who plays Alya. “I was glad that Alya got to have this face-off with Geoff – and actor Ian Bartholomew is just sensational in the scene.”

Corrie bosses are remaining tight lipped about the fate of Geoff, but actress Shelley King believes that Yasmeen’s ordeal will stay with her for some time to come. “This trauma will affect her for the rest of her life, so I’m looking forward to portraying that. It would be too simplistic if she were just cured.”

Carla’s Betrayal

Coronation Street 60 Anniversary (ITV/Photographer - Mark Bruce)
Coronation Street 60 Anniversary (ITV/Photographer - Mark Bruce)

Peter is set to propose to Carla, only for Daniel to stumble across the truth about her recent clandestine tryst with Adam. The trouble is that Peter then jumps to the erroneous conclusion that Carla and Daniel are secret lovers and crushed by the betrayal, the booze-dependent Mr Barlow finds himself reaching for the whisky bottle once again.

But will Carla be able to convince him not to drink? And will she reveal that it was Adam who recently shared her bed rather than Daniel?

“This is real test of Peter and Carla’s love and understanding for each other,” teases actor Chris Gascoyne. “I think they’re deeply in love, but they’re just not good for each other.”

Can Ken save the Street?

As Ken Barlow stands in the bulldozer's path Abi Franklin , jumps into the cab of the digger (ITV/Photographer - Danielle Baguley)
As Ken Barlow stands in the bulldozer's path Abi Franklin , jumps into the cab of the digger (ITV/Photographer - Danielle Baguley)

If we can rely on one thing on the Street, it’s community spirit, especially when the odds are against its residents. But is the purchasing power of Ray Crosby more than they can handle? As we know, he’s been secretly buying up most of the properties and businesses in the area, with the intention of flattening the lot to make way for his new development.

What Shady Ray hasn’t counted on, though, is Ken standing in the way of the bulldozer’s path and Abi taking control of a digger, which soon lurches out of control. “Ken has always protested for what is right,” explains William Roache. “He took part in the CND marches and anti-Vietnam War protests in the 1960s. He always takes a stand for love, peace and a caring community. I am very much in tune with that.”

Kevin, meanwhile, gets suspicious about Ray’s ability to stay one step ahead of the protestors and starts to realise that Debbie may have betrayed them all.

Plus Gary is left seething with rage when he finds out how badly treated Bistro employee Faye has been. Will he switch sides and decide that his loyalties really lie with his neighbours? “Yes, Gary is going to discover Ray in a compromising position with his sister, so he’ll turn his back on him and join forces with the Street to fight against him,” says Mikey North.

Surely Ray can’t possibly win out against such strong opposition?

Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary episodes will be shown on Monday 7, Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 December, all at 7.30pm on ITV.

There are also two documentaries set to be screened: Coronation Street: 60 Unforgettable Years (Mon 7 Dec, 8.30pm, ITV) and Queens of the Street (Wed 9 Dec, 9.00pm, ITV). Classic episodes from the archives will also be shown weeknights at 10.00pm on ITV3