'Coronation Street' welcomes back a much-loved character

A generic photo of the Rovers Return, the pub in Coronation Street. (ITV)

Coronation Street welcomed back Shona Ramsey earlier this week as actress Julia Goulding returned from maternity leave.

Julia – who has played David Platt’s wife since 2016 – brought her son, Franklin Wolf, along to the Manchester set.

She gave birth to the tot just three months ago and fans have been eager to see how Shona would make her return to the cobbles.

Shona was shot on Christmas Day by crazed gunman Derek. While Robert Preston lost his life in the dramatic scenes, Shona managed to survive.

Shona doesn't remember husband David Platt as she wakes up from her coma in Coronation Street.

But her friends and family were horrified to discover that the bullet wound had wiped her recent memory and she had no idea who David or his kids – Lily and Max – were.

She even mistook Max for her own son, Clayton, who stabbed Max’s mum and David’s first wife, Kylie.

A heartbroken David was forced to let Shona go to a specialist treatment centre in Leeds.

Corrie bosses took to Instagram to announce Julia’s return to filming.

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They posted a clip with the caption: “"Guess who was back filming with us this week? We've missed you @juliagoulding #SaturdaySneakPeek #Corrie #BehindTheScenes."

Predictably fans went crazy to learn that Shona would soon be making her big comeback.

It’s not yet known if Shona will return with her memory back in tact or if she and David will still have a long way to go to get their marriage back on track.

Shona and David tied the knot last year following David’s stint in prison for his part in stealing £80,000 from his gran, Audrey Roberts.

But Shona had no recollection of the big day after her accident, despite David showing her photos from the wedding.

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Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.