Coronavirus: 5 medical apps to have on your phone right now

As coronavirus spreads across the globe, it helps to know how you can steer clear

It’s going to be a long 21 days. As the country goes into full lockdown, you’ll likely find anxiety getting the better of you. And so if you find yourself tracking the virus, seeking help or simply professional consultancy, here are some of the medical apps that will hopefully keep you at ease.


One of the most popular apps in India, Practo helps you find the right doctor for you, coronavirus notwithstanding. You can schedule check-ups as well as emergency appointments with doctors around the city using this app.


Yet another app that’s perfect for a time like this. Order your medicines, masks, sanitisers and vitamins directly via 1mg and have them delivered to your house. Even if there wasn’t a lockdown, 1mg is a handy app to have.


Helponymous is a great platform to discuss your anxieties and insecurities while staying anonymous. In times like these, several of us are bound to experiences stress and anxiety and it helps to speak out. And if you can do it while being incognito, you’re likely to speak out more freely, isn’t it?


HealthLynked serves as something of a Wikipedia for the virus. It doesn’t just give you all the information you need about coronavirus and covid-19, it keeps you updated about the latest news and official notices from your local authorities. Pretty much what you need right now, isn’t it?


Yes, Whatsapp! The humble messenger app is turning out to be the most reliable mode of communication. WHO has started a channel on Whatsapp as has the State Government of Maharashtra. All you need to do is subscribe to these channels and get all the information you need from the horse’s mouth. And yes, tune out everything else.