Coronavirus ALERT! Travelling to China? Modi govt issues advisory on what you must follow

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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Saturday issued an advisory for those visiting China amid the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country. The outbreak of the virus has seen as many as 41 deaths in the country in 29 provinces. A total of 1,287 cases have been reported.

Apart from China, cases have also been reported in some other countries as well. While 2 cases have been reported each in the US, South Korea, France, Japan and Vietnam, 3 cases have been reported in Singapore, while 4 have been reported from Thailand. India has so far not impacted by the disease.

Keeping safety concerns in mind, the government today issued an advisory for travellers from the country going to China. In its advisory, India has asked travellers to follow certain do’s and don’ts during their visit to China.

Some of the suggestions made by the government include observing good personal hygiene, washing hands regularly, covering mouth while coughing among others. It also asked travellers to avoid eye contact with those who are unwell and show symptoms of illness like cough and runny nose. It further asked travellers to avoid raw and undercooked meat.

In its advisory, the government asked those travelling back to the country, to inform airline crew if feeling ill. It also advised passengers to avoid eye contact with their family members or other co-passengers if feeling sick in the flight.

The government further asked those filling unwell, within one month of returning to the country to call up the helpline given in the advisory and follow the advisory, and also maintain self-isolation from others.

Meanwhile, two people, who were earlier admitted to a Mumbai hospital for exposure to disease have been tested negative, while the blood sample of another will be sent for testing at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune.