Coronavirus attack: Here’s what doctors are suggesting for precaution and prevention

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Coronavirus outbreak: As the deadly novel coronavirus is spreading to more and more countries, a situation of panic is also arising in India. More than 100 people from across the country have been kept under observation, most of them from Kerala and Maharashtra. Moreover, on Sunday, a doctor in Rajasthan was quarantined and on Monday, a girl in Bihar was also kept in isolation. Adding to that, on Tuesday, three people have been isolated in Delhi's Ram Manohar Lohia hospital over suspicion of coronavirus.

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In light of the rising fear and panic, doctors are advising the public to take certain precautions against the coronavirus. Talking to FE Online, Dr Manjeetha Nath Das, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicines at the Columbia Asia Hospital in Gurugram said that while antiviral drugs and vaccines are at a preliminary stage of development in the US, N95 masks can be protective. "Either the patient should wear it, or if the patient is affected, the caretakers of the patient should wear the mask to avoid contracting the germs. As it is a respiratory virus, the threat is heightened. Moreover, with it being winter, the disease is expected to spread further."

"World Health Organization has said that coronavirus is likely to spread and since it is a serious respiratory illness, it can lead to a pandemic if steps to curb it are not taken immediately. Coronavirus is not as serious as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), but it can be fatal," said Dr Manjeetha.

On the precautions that should be taken, Dr Manjeetha said, "Healthcare professionals and a patient's relatives should wear protective gears including N95 Mask. They should disinfect all surfaces with household disinfectants (EPA approved). At home, they can use a tablespoon of bleach with a quart of water. As there is no treatment, prevention is the best we can do."

Meanwhile, Dr P Venkata Krishnan, Internal medicine at Paras Hospital in Gurugram, said, "Coronavirus is a spreading infection and has already reached several countries. It is not known how the disease spreads, but it is spreading at an alarming rate. It is required that we contain it. If someone is planning to travel, then he or she should undergo a proper checkup at the embassy. This should be done for both, the people coming to or the people going from the country."