Coronavirus challenge! You can win up to Rs 1 lakh from Modi government; here is how

Debjit Sinha
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Coronavirus challenge: You can win up to Rs 1 lakh by participating in the "COVID-19 Solution Challenge" launched by the Modi government. You can also share your inputs and ideas to help check the spread of Coronavirus across the country. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has initiated a campaign – "Help us to Help you". Seeking active engagement of the common man, the center has started two campaigns – "Share your Ideas & Suggestions to help fight Coronavirus" and "COVID-19 Solution Challenge"

Share your Ideas and Suggestions to help fight Coronavirus

The central government has said that with the "active" assistance of people of India, the spread of the Coronavirus in India has been contained so far. The central government has said that it wants the community to participate in the fight against Coronavirus. It wants to hear ideas and suggestions from the citizens of the country in fighting the Coronavirus. "These can include innovative and best practices regarding hygiene, Hand washing, social distancing and preventing the spread of rumours and being prepared rather than panicking. Keep Calm and Stay Vigilant. Be a part of the mission against Coronavirus!" the central government has said.

Citizens, who want to share ideas, can go to . The last date for submission of ideas is April 30.

COVID-19 Solution Challenge

The central government wants people to share their innovative ideas and suggestions. The last date for submission is March 31, 2020. The First Prize is Rs 1,00,000, second Prize is Rs 50,000, and third prize is Rs 25,000.

Applicants can be individuals or Startups. The central government has set eligibility criteria. "For the product to be developed as part of COVID 19 Solution Challenge, if any IPR/Patent is being used, contesting entity must possess the legitimate rights to use the IPR/Patents," the centre said.