Coronavirus: ‘Contagion’ medical expert Dr Ian Lipkin tests positive, says isolation best tool

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USA Today quoted Lipkin as stating that he has no idea when the Coronavirus pandemic will be under control.

Coronavirus outbreak: 'Isolation and confinement are best tools to fight coronavirus!' This is a clear and relevant message from Contagion’s Medical Advisor! Contagion medical expert Dr Ian Lipkin, who had served in Steven Soderbergh directorial, has tested positive for coronavirus. In an interview with Fox Business, Dr Lipkin shared that he feels ‘miserable’ ever since he found out and that this is a very "personal" thing. He stated, "If it can hit me, it can hit anybody." Not referring to how he may have got it, he stated that it is "all over the United States." This is Dr. Ian Lipkin’s message to the world.

A worrying one as more and more cases are coming up, the latest being Britain’s Prince Charles testing positive for coronavirus. USA Today quoted Lipkin as stating that he has no idea when the Coronavirus pandemic will be under control. He attributed the uncertainty due to "porous borders" between different states and cities in the United States and made a telling comment about how it is very important to be consistent if we want to "get ahead" of the deadly virus.

So, what is the way forward?"Isolation and confinement," Dr. Lipkin told USA Today, as the "best tool."

The 2011 film Contagion highlights how a pandemic can infect the entire world, which is why the film is gaining considerable interest now. Starring an impressive cast comprising of Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow among others, the film is continuously talked about and discussed across social media platforms ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has become a reality worldwide.

Many film personalities have tested positive for coronavirus including Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Olga Kurylenko. In Bollywood, singer Kanika Kapoor had tested positive and is being treated in Lucknow. World over, social distancing has become the norm. People are opting to stay in isolation and keeping away from crowded places. However, in the United States, there is concern that President Trump is set to declare a relaxation by Easter weekend, April 11.