Coronavirus fear swipes hand sanitizers, face masks stock in some parts of Delhi-NCR

FE Online

Coronavirus news: Amid Coronavirus outbreak in Delhi-NCR, fear of catching the disease has led the people living in the city resort to panic and buy face masks and hand sanitizers. As a result, many pharmacies in several parts of Delhi and towns surrounding it have run out of hand sanitizers and facemasks, PTI reported. Stocks have not been replenished by manufacturers as well, the report said. According to PTI, not only this but the chemist shops who have the stocks available with them are selling the facemasks at a higher price. Items that were earlier sold at Rs 150, with a sudden spike in demand, are being sold at Rs 300. This is double the amount when compared to prior price.

The demand saw a major uptick with the first case reported in Delhi a few days ago, PTI said citing a salesperson. On selling the items at higher prices, a chemist told PTI that they have to sell them at a higher price as demand has increased to such an extent. The report added that brands like Himalaya and Dettol are unavailable with many chemists while they still have some stock of medical hand rubs, which comes in big bottles and have comparatively high rates. The report also said that even in posh areas of Delhi, there is hardly any availability of stocks.

Meanwhile, the government has advised keeping the hands clean. It has advised keeping washing hands frequently with soap. The hands should be washed for at least 15-20 seconds. Sanitizers with an alcohol content above 60 per cent are recommended. Apart from these, masks should be used by people in order to avoid spreading of the Novel Coronavirus. A mask has been advised for all those who have been showing early or acute symptoms which could be a common cold or Coronavirus infection.