Coronavirus: Home quarantine made easy! Simple, easy guidelines to keep in mind

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Coronavirus home quarantine: What does it really mean to be in ‘home quarantine’? Before we get into the details, lets understand how the central government has ramped up its efforts against the Coronavirus that has now caused a death in the country. The government has asked all the Indian citizens who are returning after finishing their travel to put themselves under quarantine for a period of 14 days. Although the home quarantines are a lot less strict than the quarantine facilities set up by the Indian army, the home quarantines have its own set of guidelines for the individuals opting to isolate themselves.

The objectives of quarantine is quite similar to the isolation except in isolation, the people who have already fallen sick are kept away from the ones who have not been affected but in quarantine, even the people who have been exposed to any disease is separated and observed for a period of time if they develop any symptoms of the disease.

Coronaoutbreak quarantine: Union Health Ministry’s guidelines

  • Individuals must separate themselves from the world in a well-ventilated room along with an attached toilet.

  • In case of sharing the room in home quarantine, there should be at least one meter distance between two individuals.

  • The government has advised the suspects to maintain a safe distance from vulnerable groups such as old-aged people, pregnant women, children and persons with other immunological complications.

  • The individuals must restrict their movement even inside the house they have put themselves in quarantine.

  • Suspects or people who have been exposed to the disease must wash hands with either soap or water or hand sanitizer.

  • The health ministry has advised strongly against sharing household items like glasses, cups, utensils, bedding, etc.

  • The masks used to cover mouth and nose must be replaced every 6-8 hours.

  • The used masks must be burnt or buried after disinfecting with bleach solution (1%) or Sodium hypochlorite solution (1%).

Instructions for family members of people who have quarantined themselves

  • There should be only one family member who should take care of the person and visitors should also be restricted.
  • The person who is taking care must avoid direct contact with the suspect and hence should use gloves while meeting the person who has been quarantined.

  • The caretaker of the suspects must sanitize himself/herself properly before and after meeting the person quarantined.

  • In the case of the quarantined person developing symptoms for the Covid-19, all the family members will be put under quarantine for 14 days till they test negative for the viral infection.

  • The ministry has provided a 24*7 helpline 011-23978046 to report Covid-19 infections or has asked the suspects or their caretakers to contact their nearest health center.